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4 Great Places to SUP in Rhode Island

January 31, 2023

Rhode Island is a tiny state. That’s obvious. But what’s not so obvious about this state is the many different fun, interesting, and exciting places you can paddle board while there. Sure, you can spend much of your time along the beach where you can paddle in the ocean. In fact, if you decided to stay right there the entire time you’re visiting, we wouldn’t blame you! There are some gorgeous beaches you can explore in Rhode Island.

But we’re not here to stick to the ordinary. We like to push past the limits and explore a little more of what an area has to offer. With that in mind, we’re going to uncover four new places you need to check out the next time you’re in Rhode Island. Ready to see what this tiny state that packs a pretty good punch has in store? Let’s get to it!

Narragansett Bay

Our first stop for great places to SUP in Rhode Island takes us to the famous Narragansett Bay.

If you want to remain close to the beach but enjoy a flatwater paddling location with all the views, this is the spot for you. Narragansett Bay offers a unique paddleboarding experience with miles of calm, clear waters along the surrounding coastline. While there are a few locations you can drop in and paddle around, the best launch location is at Easton’s Beach in Newport, where you can rent boards and take lessons (if you need to). There’s also a carousel, plenty of snacking opportunities and spots on the beach to relax under the sun.

Once you’re on the water you can expect relatively calm paddling with the occasional rough weather due to wind. So, keep an eye on that wind forecast before heading out. Otherwise, you’re in for a treat. We recommend heading there early in the morning to watch the sunrise on the water. Or if you’re not a morning person, a paddle in the late afternoon is a great idea and the best way to end your day.

For directions to Easton’s Beach to plan out your trip, head here.

Block Island

Are you into SUP surfing? Then a trip to Block Island on the right day is the best place for you to check out. It offers a mix of calm waters and challenging surf.

But where exactly is the island located? Block Island is an island of the Outer Lands coastal archipelago, located approximately 9 miles south of mainland Rhode Island and 14 miles east of Long Island’s Montauk Point. And guess what? It’s one of the most beautiful locations in all of Rhode Island. No joke!

The island is characterized by its white sandy beaches and beautiful clear water. Plus, the town offers plenty of fun places to eat, explore, and enjoy.

But for you SUP surfers out there, the best place to SUP surf on Block Island is at Southeast Lighthouse Beach. The waves at this location are consistent and provide an excellent surf experience for paddlers of all skill levels. The beach is also equipped with restrooms, showers, and parking facilities, making it a convenient and accessible spot for surfers. Additionally, the lighthouse provides a beautiful backdrop and makes for a great spot to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

For flatwater paddlers, the best launch location is at Block Island State Beach in New Shoreham, where you can rent boards and take lessons. For more information about Block Island, visit their website here.

Worden Pond

We know what you’re thinking…paddleboard in a pond?! It’s not like the pond you have in your mind. It’s much nicer. Trust us.

Worden Pond is actually a great location for paddle boarding, offering miles of calm waters and beautiful views of the surrounding forests. Plus, it’s much bigger than you’re thinking! It offers miles of paddling space on a calm body of water with family camping locations close by. If you’re into more private time on the water, then Worden should be your number one spot. In addition, it’s a great place for beginners to get on the water in a comfortable setting.

The best launch location is at the Worden Pond State Park in South Kingstown, where you can rent boards and take lessons.

For more information about Worden Pond, check out this site.

Watchaug Pond

Our last stop for great places to SUP in Rhode Island takes us back to one more pond – Watchaug Pond. Again, this is not your ordinary pond.

Watchaug Pond is a sprawling 573-acre freshwater lake that is one of the largest in Rhode Island. The majority of the pond is within the Burlingame Management Area, but the southern and eastern shores feature some homes along the way. In the summer months, Watchaug Pond is a popular destination and is usually busy, especially at the southeast end. However, the western end, with its marshy wilderness, feels more secluded. The pond is stocked with trout in the spring, making it a great spot for fishing. So, if you’re a SUP fishing fanatic, consider this your go-to spot.

The best launch location is at the Watchaug Pond State Park in Charlestown, where you can rent boards and take lessons. For more information about the state park, head here.


Ready to hit the road and discover some great places to SUP in Rhode Island – the smallest state in the US? We sure hope so! While Rhode Island is tiny, it has a ton of heart (and great places to paddle board!) Of course, with an Atoll iSUP as your companion, the adventure never ends!

Questions? Comments? Be sure to drop us a message, our inbox is always open. And until next time, remember to adventure on!

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