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Atoll Outings: Exciting Adventures in Alaska

May 15, 2021

Alaska. The Last Frontier. The 49th State. Our home away from home.

Alaska, USA is the most wild, rugged, and beautiful place we have ever seen in our whole lives. From the wildlife to the landscapes, we have yet to find a place that tops this. Since 2016, we have taken a road trip to Alaska every year in different season. So far the only season we’re missing is fall. Which comes a lot earlier than the rest of the US because it is so dang north!


This trip was from June to July of 2019, which (in our opinion) is the best time to go. Summertime in Alaska is unlike anything you have ever see. Moose run rampant like little bunnies, and you can go from seeing a grizzly bear to a whale all in one day. To get to Alaska, you can fly (which is quicker and probably cheaper) or drive. We generally choose to drive because we have the time. And we love seeing all of the different areas (the coast of California, Oregon and Washington) as we make our way there.

We paddled on the ocean. The PNW lakes (full of ferns and mossy trees). And then we crossed into British Columbia. Afterwards, we spent an obligatory couple of days in Vancouver getting our fill of the city, and then made our way East to then go North. After you pass Prince George, the closest *big city* is Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory. We love driving this way because it feels so remote and utterly barren as we drive. It rejuvenates our relationship. Allows us to take our time and enjoy the slow pace of country life. And see incredible places. Our recommendations for paddling through British Columbia and Yukon Territories are Watson Lake, Fraser Lake, Skagway and Haines, and then the river outside of Whitehorse!


Once you’re in Alaska, our favorite place to paddle is Eklunta Lake. It’s right outside of Anchorage and is extremely easy to access, with paved roads the whole way there and then only a quick walk to the lake. We were having so much fun that the time flew by (we paddled until midnight!). And we almost forgot we had booked a hotel for that night. Whoops!

Some other recommend areas to paddle would include Resurrection Bay in Seward Alaska, and even random lakes you can see on the side of the road between Anchorage, Fairbanks and Denali. On our drive home, we stopped to paddle in Alberta, Canada and Northern Montana. These lakes are almost all glacially fed, so most of them are a beautiful shade of Gatorade blue. Not too shabby!


Overall, our Alaska road trip is always something that provides new adventures. We go every year because we can’t stay away! Once you experience Alaska too, you’ll feel the same way.

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