Atoll Outing to the Beautiful (And Magical) Lake Powell

March 24, 2020

Lake Powell! What an amazing place to use your stand up paddle board. Most people know it as a spring break destination for house boats and crazy jet skiing. But we know it best for the immense views and perfect stand up paddle boarding conditions.

We drove from Denver to Lake Powell in one day (only a 10 hour drive to Page, Arizona) and we hit the ground running with activities. In fact, we used our stand up sup boards 4 out of the 5 days we were there, and each day felt like a different atmosphere. We picnicked out on the lake, sunbathed on the shore, and made bbq ribs for dinner with the sun setting around the vehicles. Pure heaven!

Lake Powell

We camped at Lone Rock State Park. It’s an extremely accessible camping spot for RV campers, tent campers and over-landers just like ourselves. We paid the $12 entry fee and drove on the soft sand out to the shore. If you don’t feel comfortable driving across the sand, you can park at the day. Use areas or an RV pad (about a football field length to the shore). From there we unloaded the roof top tent, blew up the boards, and started our day of fun.

Lake Powell

The weather during our stay was mostly pleasant! There were a couple days in the 80’s. But most of the time it was in the high 70’s with some clouds. One of the days, we hit a really bad storm with high winds and lighting. So we hunkered down and played cards for a few hours to wait it out.

The next day, we joined 3 or 4 other stand up paddle board enthusiasts to watch the sunrise before going back to make breakfast. If you are a yogi looking for some tranquility on the board, this is the perfect place to explore as well! We didn’t see any kids when we were there, but that could change during the summer months.

We loved this trip so much that we made a pact with our buddies to make this an annual pilgrimage! Have you been to Lake Powell before? Let us know your experience in the comments below! And as always if you have any questions reach out to Atoll Boards Customer Service for any tips or advice

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