Best Places to Go Paddle Boarding During Winter

November 19, 2022
Hawaiian Sunset with Water and Palm Trees

If you live in a colder climate, then chances are you’re looking to get away for your winter stand-up paddle board (SUP) adventures. As always, our team at Atoll Boards is here to help! Keep on reading to learn all about the best places to go paddle boarding during winter. 


First on our list, Hawaii has always been and will always be one of the best places in the world for an SUP expedition. In fact, Hawaii is believed to be the birthplace of stand-up paddle boarding! In the 1960s, tourists of Hawaii would photograph the ‘Beach Boys of Waikiki,’ the first known long-boarders to use a paddle. Then, in the 1990s, a surf pioneer named Laird Hamilton popularized what we know today as the SUP. 

So, if you want to go somewhere warm, gorgeous, and historic, Hawaii is the place for you! As for where to SUP, we recommend Nā Pali Coast for a nice, quiet experience. Or, if you’re fine with picking a popular spot, you can’t go wrong at Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. Either way, you’re in for a treat! 

Hawaiian Sunset with Palm Trees

Saint Lucia

An Eastern Caribbean Island, Saint Lucia is practically a slice of paradise. In addition to its gorgeous waters, Saint Lucia is home to lush rainforests full of lovely wildlife, phenomenal flora, and so much more. If you want a place where paddle boarding is just one of countless captivating activities, then Saint Lucia is an excellent choice for you and your crew.

Galapagos Islands 

One of the best places in the world for wildlife—as famously documented by Charles Darwin—the Galapagos Islands also double as a delightful destination for SUP enthusiasts. In addition to wonderful waves and pristine waters, the Galapagos Islands are home to countless species of rare, exotic animals. Included among them, one will find penguins, reef sharks, blue-footed boobies, stingrays, sea turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas, and many, many more.

Coastline of the Galapagos Islands

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta is a perfect place for those who love a peaceful paddle. With extremely calm and soothing waters, it doesn’t get any more peaceful than this.

The Bahamas

Speaking of beautiful locations, The Bahamas are a breathtaking destination all year long. When you’re here, you can paddle alongside colorful reefs, sea turtles, parrotfish, and so much more! 

Aerial Shot of Saint Lucia

Monterey, California

Of course, one need not leave the USA for an A-grade adventure. So much more than a SUP spot, Monterey is a massive city with tons of shopping, golfing, and sightseeing around every corner. For beginner paddlers, we recommend a trip to Carmel Bay. For more experienced individuals, we highly recommend Old Fisherman’s Wharf – a terrific tourist attraction with surrounding shops, restaurants, etc.

Coastline of Monterey, California

Key West, Florida

One of the most popular states all year long, especially during the winter months, Florida is home to many SUP destinations. While many people flock to Miami, Tampa Bay, and other big cities, nothing beats an intimate trip to Key West. Just 90 miles north of Cuba, Key West is a well-kept secret hidden in the Florida Keys. In its properly protected ecosystem, one can expect to find stingrays, manatees, upside-down jellyfish, gorgeous coral reefs, and so much more. 

Sunset with Boat in the Distance


We hope you enjoyed learning more about our top recommendations of the best places to go paddle boarding during winter. Need a new board before you book those tickets? Check out our available inventory! Or, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our team of SUP professionals. We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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