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Best Places to Go SUP-ing in Fall 2023

September 8, 2023
Fall Foliage in Front of a Body of Water During Sunset

Over the course of the last weeks, many members of our loyal community have been asking our team at Atoll Boards, “What are the best places to go SUP-ing in Fall 2023?” As always, we’ve got you covered. Before we get started, however, bear in mind that the focus of this article is not fall foliage. Instead, if you’re looking for a forest-filled landscape that’s absolutely jaw-dropping, we kindly recommend checking out our related blog, Most Scenic SUP Spots for Fall Foliage in the US. Today’s entry, on the other hand, is for all the paddle boarders who simply want to get out on the water. Sure, they might see some trees along the way, but that’s just a bonus. For them, the focus isn’t on the color-changing leaves; rather, it’s all about adventuring, exploring, and paddling to their heart’s content. In short, this blog is for them. Now, with all of that in mind, let’s talk about the best places to go SUP-ing in Fall 2023!

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Lake Irwin, Colorado

What if we told you that there was a hidden gem tucked away in the massive mountains of Colorado? Not only is it a world-class SUP destination, but it is also a perfect place to pitch a tent, go for a hike, and explore your spectacular surroundings. That’s right, tiny but lovely, Lake Irwin is one of our favorite places in all of Colorado. What’s more, if you time your trip properly, you may be able to catch some beautiful views of the autumn forests that envelope you. Please note, however, that you may need to do some extra hiking, driving, etc in order to see the full potential of this picturesque landscape. Like we said before, the SUP-ing is the focus and the rest is just a bountiful bonus. 

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Going from a secluded site to a buzzing city, our second pick is Chattanooga, Tennessee! Home to nearly 200,000 people, Chattanooga isn’t nearly as reclusive as Lake Irwin; it is, however, a wonderful place to go for a paddle. Personally, we recommend launching from Ross’s Landing and SUP-ing along the banks of the Tennessee River. From here, you’ll be in close proximity to popular attractions, such as Signal Mountain and the Tennessee River Gorge. Furthermore, and best of all, there is nothing quite like Prentice Cooper State Forest in fall. A heavenly habitat for more than 1,000 varieties of trees, plants, grasses and flowers, this gorgeous forest is overflowing with countless shades, hues, and autumn views. Suffice it to say, there are no words to capture just how incredible Chattanooga, Tennessee really is, especially when fall is in full swing.

Maine Island Trail, Maine

While you can certainly look at the leaves in Maine, you can also get one of the best paddles in the world. Introducing the Maine Island Trail, the first-ever designated water trail in the United States of America! From start to finish, this remarkable route is 375 miles long and encapsulates 200 wild islands between New Hampshire and the border of Canada. What’s more, there is a surplus of untouched wilderness, as all of the included properties belong to private landowners, conservation organizations, and government entities – such as federal, state and municipal agencies. In short, this is a well-protected treasure that SUP-ers are sure to love. Last but not least, this is an optimal place for SUP fishing, as it is home to mackerel, pollack, striped bass, and several other saltwater species. While you’re at it, be sure to keep an eye out for the trail’s resident bald eagles! At any rate, you’re sure to see a wide variety of wildlife, nature, and so much more. 

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