Best Waterproof SUP Accessories in 2022

December 16, 2022
Side View of Atoll Boards on the Water

In the world of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP-ing), there are a few definitive must-haves. First, you need a board. Then, you’ll probably want a paddle. For some people, this is enough; for others, we make a ton of accessories. Our team at Atoll Boards is proud to provide our loyal customers with an extensive variety of accessories, gear, apparel, and more. Of course, included in this massive assortment, one will find the best waterproof SUP accessories in 2022 and beyond.

Atoll Overkill Dry Bag Waist Pouch Fanny Pack

First up, our Atoll Overkill Dry Bag Waist Pouch Fanny Pack is a fan-favorite! Made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane, or TPU, the Overkill Dry Bag is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and lightweight. What’s more, TPU doesn’t have a smell, so any items stored in the Overkill Dry Bag will have no strange smells or odors by the end of your aquatic adventures. Rather, you can simply head back to shore, unpack your gear, and continue on to your next quest..

Waterproof Drawstring SUP Backpack  

Just like our fanny pack, our Waterproof Drawstring SUP Backpack is properly equipped to keep your valuables dry no matter what your SUP session might entail. Better yet, this 10-liter dry bag only weighs about seven ounces and can easily be rolled up and put into your pocket! Trust us, you’re going to love the convenience and versatility of our Waterproof Drawstring SUP Backpack as well as all the other products in this list.

Paddle Board Backpack

Waterproof SUP Backpack 

Incredibly lightweight, this 30-liter backpack is only 0.6 pounds, making it perfect for all types of paddling sports, activities, etc. Of course, our Waterproof SUP Backpack—just like all the other items we mention in this article—is of the highest quality and has been rigorously tested in the most extreme conditions. What’s more, everything is backed with a manufacturer’s guarantee that your personal belongings will not be damaged by water while in this backpack. Better still, with its spacious 30-liter storage space, you can comfortably fit larger items like laptops, video recorders, and other operational equipment. Suffice it to say, this 30-liter backpack can handle practically anything!

Floating Dry Bag Phone Case

Don’t need all that storage space? Just looking for something to protect your phone? We’ve got you covered. Introducing our Floating Dry Bag Phone Case! Just like all the accessories listed above, the Floating Dry Bag Phone Case is of the highest quality, fully waterproof, and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Think of it as a smaller version of our Atoll Overkill Dry Bag Waist Pouch Fanny Pack, but just big enough to fit your phone. Plus, with its floating design, your phone will stay afloat in the water, even if you don’t. That’s right, no matter panicked diving into the water when you hear an unexpected splash behind you! With our Floating Dry Bag Phone Case, your phone will always be dry, safe, and right by your side. 

Two Paddle Boarders Inflating Their Atoll iSUPs

Waterproof Phone Tote

Last but not least, this one is for anyone who loves the phone case concept but needs a little extra storage. Introducing our waterproof phone tote, a two-liter dry bag with two separate compartments made with durable tarpaulin PVC – perfect for comfortably storing your phone, keys, wallet, and more! Plus, with the separated compartment system, you won’t need to worry about your keys—or anything else—scratching up your phone. Add the tote’s included shoulder strap, handle, and belt loop, and you have a wonderfully versatile product. 

Contact Our Team at Atoll Boards

Now that you know where to find the best waterproof SUP accessories in 2022 and beyond, please feel free to contact our team at Atoll Boards. We would be more than happy to answer your questions, offer recommendations, and assist you in any way we can. We hope to serve you soon!

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