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How do I secure the hand pump hose to the board? Is something wrong?

  • If your hose comes loose during inflation or is leaking air while inflating try flipping the red rubber washer so that the side with the groove is facing the hose and the smooth side facing the board. If that doesn't work email customer service at CustomerService@AtollBoards.com

What type of paddle comes with the board?

  • The iSUP comes with a black aluminum alloy 3-piece adjustable paddle with nylon composite blade. It breaks down to conveniently fit into the included back pack.

Can I attach a leash to one of the D-Rings?

  • Yes.

Can I use a shorter fin?

  • Absolutely. ATOLL uses a universal fin box so you have the freedom to choose the fin best suited for your conditions. Check out all our available fin options HERE.

Can I attach a seat to my board?

  • Yes. Because of the 14 d-rings on the deck of this iSUP you can attach most universal kayak seats.

How do I inflate my iSUP?

  • To inflate place valve in the closed position.
  • Inflate board to a maximum of 15 psi for best performance.
  • At 10 psi switch hand pump pin to single action and complete inflation to 15 psi.
  • NOTE: The hand pump gauge will not register the air pressure until the board reaches 7 psi.

How long does it take to inflate?

  • On average inflation with the hand pump should take between 5 and 10 minutes.

What psi do you recommend?

  • 15 psi for best performance. 

Can I buy an electric pump? 

  • Yes, there are many electric pumps available, we recommend the Bravo BP12. If you do purchase an electric pump make sure it's a 12 volt pump and connects to a car battery. The pumps that connect to a cigarette lighter outlet will not produce enough power to inflate to 15 psi.

What type of valve is this?

  • Atoll iSUPs use a Halkey Roberts inflation and deflation iSUP valve.

My pump gauge doesn't register the air pressure, what do I do?

  • Please note that due to the high pressure of the boards the hand pump gauge will not register any air pressure until the board reaches 7 or 8 psi. The board will begin to feel rigid at around 5 psi.

How long can I leave my iSUP inflated?

  • If the board is stored inside, out of direct sunlight, and away from extreme temperature changes, you can leave this board inflated for as long as you would like.  

What is the best way to deflate and store my board?

  • To deflate depress valve pin and wait for most of the air to escape. Then use the 2-way hand pump to remove all remaining air. Once all the air is removed place the valve in the closed position. When deflated roll board up starting from the nose. Remove center fin. Secure with strap. The deckpad should be on the inside and the fins on the outside. This preserves life of the deckpad. Make sure the board is DRY and store in bag. After use, especially in salt water, rinse board and paddle with fresh water. The board may be stored inflated or deflated. If inflated do NOT store in direct sunlight or extreme tempatures.

How do I install the center fin?

  • To install your center box fin, remove the screw from the aluminum plate and slide the plate toward the front of the box. Set the fin into the box and depress it flush to the deck and slide it into the track. Once the fin is secured, slide the fin plate back to align both the fin hole and the hole in the plate. You can now place your screw into both holes and tighten snug with a flat head screwdriver.
  • Unlike many other iSUP’s Atoll uses a universal style fin box, this allows for the use of most aftermarket fins.
  • All boards come with a universal standard removable 8-inch composite  fin and center fin box.

Is there a warranty? And what is covered?

  • Atoll iSUP's all come with a 2 year manufacture warranty against any and all defects. If you have any issues, thoughts or concerning your board get in touch with us and we will go above and beyond to find a solution that you are satisfied with. 

Whats included in the repair kit?

  • 3 pvc patches
  • 1 tube of glue for quick minor repairs
  • 1 grey valve wrench

Are iSUP's good for yoga?

  • These boards work great for yoga. The 11 foot length and 32 inch width provide an extremely stable platform for SUP yoga.