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Frequently Asked Questions

The iSUP comes with an upgraded carbon fiber 3-piece adjustable paddle with nylon composite blade. It breaks down conveniently to fit into the included back pack and will float indefinitely as long as it is assembled.

Yes, the paddle will float initially but will NOT float indefinitely. Since it is hollow and adjustable, water will gradually leak into the hollow cavities of the paddle and it will eventually sink. Should you become separated from your paddle while using your board, the paddle should float long enough for you to recover it.

Absolutely, ATOLL uses a Universal Fin Box so you have the freedom to choose which fin best suites your paddling needs. Sup yoga, Sup fishing or Sup river paddling all require different fins and Atoll gives you the flexibility needed do do them all. Check out all our available fin options HERE.

Yes. Because of the 14 d-rings on the deck of this iSUP you can attach most universal kayak seats.

Insert the red pin into the hand pump, this puts the pump into “ double action.” This means it will expel air while pulling up and pushing down allowing for quicker inflation of your isup.

Place the H3 or Halkey – Roberts isup Valve into the inflate position, the valve tab will be sticking further out.

Attach the hose of the pump to the H3 valve, turn clockwise a quarter turn, you will feel it lock into place and then begin to pump.

At 5-8 psi switch the hand pump to single action. Simply pull the red pin out of the isup hand pump and single action will be achieved. Then complete inflation to a minimum of 10 psi. The Atoll Team recommends a minimum of 10 psi and a max of 15 psi, depending on the particular rider.

NOTE: The hand pump gauge will not register the air pressure until the board reaches 7 psi.

Inflation with the hand pump can take between 5 and 10 minutes, we recommend taking your time and always consider electric isup pumps if they suite your needs.

We recommend a minimum of 10 psi and a max of 15 psi for your iSUP. Depending on the particular rider and the conditions some users prefer more psi while others prefer a lower psi. We recommend testing out your board at varying psi to find the right fit for you.

Absolutly, there are a multitude of electric pumps available on the market. Make sure the electric pump comes with an isup adapter valve. We recommend the Outdoor Master Shark Electric Pump, available on our site. If you do purchase an electric pump from another retailer, generally the 12 volt electric pumps that connect directly to the car battery appear to pull more power and therefore a quicker isup inflation.

All Atoll iSUPs use the industry leading Halkey Roberts or H3 iSUP valves. The H3 valves are extra durable and use patented inflation technology designed specifically for inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Due to the high pressure of the boards the hand pump gauge sometimes will not register your psi until the board reaches 7 or 8 psi. This is particularly true if the pump is brand new. Continue to pump and after a few minutes chances are it will begin to show your air pressure.

If your inflatable paddle board is stored inside, out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature changes, the board can be left inflated indefinitely. Although to preserve the lifespan of your isup it is recommended deflating periodically.

Deflate your isup by pressing the the valve pin to the down position and give it a quarter turn to the left. It will then lock in this position. Air will naturally leave the board when the valve is in deflate. Roll the board up from the nose to the tail. Once all the air has been removed place the valve in the closed or “ inflate”position, sticking up. This will prevent air from being sucked back into the board. Remove center fin. Secure your board with the belt that comes in the isup package. The deckpad should be on the inside and the fins on the outside. This preserves life of the deckpad. Boards should be stored dry. After use, especially in salt water, rinse board and paddle with fresh water. The board may be stored inflated or deflated. If inflated do NOT store in direct sunlight or extreme tempatures.

To install your center box fin, remove the screw from the aluminum plate and slide the plate toward the front of the box. Set the fin into the box and depress it flush to the deck and slide it into the track. Once the fin is secured, slide the fin plate back to align both the fin hole and the hole in the plate. You can now place your screw into both holes and tighten snug with a flat head screwdriver.

Unlike many other iSUP’s Atoll uses a universal style fin box, this allows for the use of most aftermarket fins.

All boards come with a universal standard removable 8-inch composite fin and center fin box.

Atoll iSUPs all come with a 2 year manufacture warranty against any and all defects. If you have any issues or thoughts concerning your board or warranty call or email our Customer Service Team .

3 pvc patches

1 grey SUP valve wrench

1 paddle clamp

1 fin screw

iSUP boards work great for yoga, the 11 foot by 32 inchby 6 inches thick construction make an extremely stable platform for SUP yoga.

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