How do I inflate my iSUP?

  • Insert the red pin into the hand pump, this puts the pump into “ double action.” This means it will expel air while pulling up and pushing down allowing for quicker inflation of your isup.

  • Place the H3 or Halkey - Roberts isup Valve into the inflate position, the valve tab will be sticking further out.

  • Attack the hose of the pump to the H3 valve, turn clockwise a quarter turn, you will feel it lock into place and then begin to pump.

  • At 5-8 psi switch the hand pump to single action. Simply pull the red pin out of the isup hand pump and single action will be achieved. Then complete inflation to a minimum of 10 psi. The Atoll Team recommends a minimum of 10 psi and a max of 15 psi, depending on the particular rider.

  • NOTE: The hand pump gauge will not register the air pressure until the board reaches 7 psi.