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How Life Seems to Improve with an Inflatable SUP

February 17, 2021
SUP yoga

In this article we discuss the ways an inflatable SUP can improve your life!


It’s been said with every decision a person makes, we’re either actively moving away from pain or towards pleasure.

This deep psychological and physical need to improve our lives guides our decisions, tracks our actions, and occupies a large amount of space inside our brains.

Excuse our philosophical pontificating, we don’t wish to get too deep here, but one of those decisions you possibly could be contemplating is whether or not to finally purchase your very own inflatable paddleboard.

If that is the case, let us help guide you in the right direction by explaining how owning your own iSUP and using it – is a decision that pushes you away from pain and towards pleasure with the ultimate goal of improving even just a small portion of your life.

Let’s get to it!

A lady sitting on an Atoll inflatable paddle board

Regular (Fun) Exercise

Exercise is important. And when it becomes regular you will begin to see many improvements in almost all aspects of your life. This includes improvement in your memory and brain function, protection against chronic diseases, weight management, lower blood pressure and improve heart health, improve the quality of your sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, improvement in joint pain and function.

And that’s just a few!

Regular exercise on a paddleboard will also increase your balance training, cardiovascular output which helps keep your heart healthy, and it is a low-impact form of exercise. Which again, circles back around to keeping your joints healthy and pain-free!

All fantastic benefits. But what really sets apart exercising on an iSUP is your ability to connect deeply with nature while doing it.

Increased Connection with Nature

Picture yourself paddling on a nearby lake or river. The sun is shining on your face and arms, the birds are singing in the trees, and the only sounds you hear are the gentle ripples of water hitting your board.

Depending on where you are paddling in the world, you also have the rare opportunity to see manatee swimming in crystal clear waters in Florida, or sea lions laying on top of rocks in Southern California, or possibly dolphins jumping out of the water in the ocean – it’s endless! On an Atoll SUP, you have a front-row seat to meet interesting wildlife in their natural habitat.

It’s both exhilarating and peaceful.

On top of that supreme feeling of peace, your body boosts its beneficial hormone production and with the sun shining, and it produces the proper amount of Vitamin D to keep you happy and healthy.

Exercising outside can also lower your blood pressure and reduce stress.

New Friends/Community

When beginners get involved with SUP two things tend to happen. One, they become obsessed with the sport and activity and want to spend as much time doing what they love as possible. And two, they realize there is an entire SUP community that is full of potential friends who are excited to welcome them into the sport.

From there, beginners will be able to make friends and begin to branch out into other areas of SUP. This can include SUP Yoga, which is a fun alternative to practicing inside a studio. Or maybe it’s SUP racing, a grueling activity full of tremendous mental and physical rewards. Or maybe they become involved in more specialty paddling activities like wildlife excursions where they go on tours with a guide to deepen their knowledge and experience in new areas. And last, paddlers can often take their inflatable SUP with them on a trip abroad!

Basically – a whole new world opens up for SUP owners they never knew existed. And it’s fun, exciting, and worth exploring.

SUP is one of the few sports that has such a supportive and rallying community within it. It truly has the ability to expand your personal and professional horizons as well. And that is always a great thing.

Ease of Travel

This last one is specifically for those who own an inflatable SUP. Much like how there is a brand new community a beginner can connect with, there is also plenty of opportunities for beginners to expand their travel horizons and explore new and exciting places in our world from atop a SUP!

From the tropics, to the bright Caribbean, to Europe’s winding rivers, and Asia’s rainforests, the possibilities are confined only to your own imagination.

Discovering new places on a SUP is one of life’s most exciting pleasures and we highly recommend you take advantage of it once you’ve secured your own inflatable board.

Why an inflatable? The ease of travel.

Roll your Atoll iSUP into its sturdy carrying backpack and throw it in your trunk, or truck bed, or check it onto your airplane. It’s safe, will not get damaged, and can be taken everywhere.

If you do happen to own a hardboard, then you too can travel with it of course, and we have been there! But we also have to face reality and let you know that wrapping a hardboard in bubble wrap, cardboard, awkwardly sliding it into a bag, carrying it in the airport with your luggage, then into your taxi/uber or rental, and finally getting to your hotel room or Airbnb – well, it’s not fun.

Lose the hassle, grab your inflatable board, get to the beach with ease, inflate and go!

Or as we like to say – Pack in. Pump up. Paddle out.


It’s true, there are few things in life that will actively push you away from pain and towards pleasure. But we believe we’ve made a strong case that owning an iSUP is one of those things. With regular use, you’ll be able to have fun exercise, connect with nature, make new friends, enter a new community, and discover distant shores all from atop your Atoll iSUP.

Want to get started? Then give us a shout! Our inbox is always open. And we will happily supply you with advice, tips, tricks, and whatever else you need to get out there and start your own SUP adventure.

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