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How to Wash and Store Your iSUP for the Winter

November 25, 2020
A man with an Atoll inflatable paddle board packed on his back walking towards the lake.

In this article we discuss the best ways to wash and store your iSUP for the winter. Use these tips for proper paddle board storage through the winter!


It’s an old adage and one you probably have heard again and again — the better you take care of something, the longer it will last

But there is a reason why this old wisdom has persisted through the ages – it’s true. And this is most certainly the case when it comes to your Atoll iSUP. Especially when you are ready to store it for the winter.

Atoll inflatable paddle boards are made of the highest quality, most durable materials in the SUP community. And yes, they will last a long time even without proper care. Due to this rough exterior, it can seem like all you have to do is roll your board up when the season is done and stick it somewhere out of the sun. Which can work. But if you put in a little effort, your board can last for decades with no issues. 

What then are the best practices? What is the best way to clean and store your inflatable paddle board, especially through the cold winter months? Let’s tackle these questions today to make sure your inflatable paddle board remains intact so that you can keep exploring for years to come.

How to Clean Your Board

It’s the end of fall and the winter is coming on quickly. You’re not much of a cold-weather paddler so you are looking to store your board for the season. Once you are 100% certain you won’t be paddling your inflatable paddle board any longer, the first action you must take is to give it a thorough cleaning.

Now usually, a once-over with the hose will work to remove any saltwater from the ocean or grime from freshwater bodies. But for storage, your board will be sitting for months at a time and this requires a few extra steps. 

First, we will need some soap, a bucket of water or hose, and a sponge or cloth, whichever you prefer. We suggest a non-abrasive soap like Dawn dish cleaner. This has been our go-to when it comes to removing any sort of grime, grease, salt, sand, or algae.

Once you have all the tools, give your inflatable paddle board a good soak with fresh water. Then, grab your sponge and go to town! Make sure to clean in the fin boxes, on the deck pad, and the valve stem removing any extra debris. Give it a really good cleaning and remove any excess soap after you are done. This is the first, and most important, step towards proper paddle board storage.  

How to Remove Marks

If you happen to have any obvious scuffs or marks, we suggest using a Magic Eraser sponge. These usually do the trick when it comes to black streaks or even paddle scuffs on the rails of your inflatable paddle board. 

Then, top it off with a vinyl cleaner and protector. Something like 303 Marine Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner will do. This will keep the vinyl surfaces pliable and preserved for an extended period of time. 

Once you have completed these steps, make sure your board is 100% dry. This is a very important step so when we say 100%…we mean it. 

If there is moisture trapped for the duration of storage you run the risk of developing mold and mildew which can stain the foam deck pad. It won’t ruin your board completely but trying to remove mold and mildew will be a whole new chore in itself. And one that can be easily avoided.

Once it’s spotless and dry, it’s time for storage.

Paddle Board Storage For Your Atoll iSUP

Luckily, when it comes to owning an iSUP you have the added advantage of easy storage. In fact, Atoll inflatable paddle boards come with their own paddle board storage case in the form of a handy backpack.

But, if not done properly, even storage runs the risk of damaging your board.

Obviously, you need to deflate and roll your board tightly before it can fit in the backpack. But make sure you are rolling it up correctly to avoid damage to the center fin box or side fins.

Our goal here is to not put any pressure on the center fix box and to not put any weight on the side fins. This is to negate the chance of bending the fin box or the side fins when they are in storage for an extended period of time.

Once you have completed the roll, what you should be left with is your small side fins on the outside of the roll and your fin box flush with the fold on the inside.

Video Tutorial

If that isn’t clear, a great resource to check out on how to properly roll your Atoll inflatable paddle board can be found HERE.

Once you have it properly rolled, place it in the backpack and keep it anywhere convenient! An extra tip though, do not lay your backpack with the rolled board horizontal to the floor, and especially not on the side fins. Again, this will result in bending and we want to avoid that at all costs!

Also, if you find the time, take your inflatable paddle board out once in a while to make sure there are no creases in the deck pad and that it is sitting fine in the backpack.

Other than that, you are all set for paddle board storage.

Of course, one last option can be keeping your Atoll inflated during the offseason. Our military-grade materials will keep the air inside your board for the duration of the winter season. The best thing to do if you want to keep the air in your inflatable paddle board, is to deflate it halfway. This will relieve any stress the inflation will put on the seams.

One word of warning – do not store an inflated board in the sun. The heat from the sun can cause the inflatable paddle board to overinflate and damage the seams. This is a unique happenstance and one not covered under warranty. If you wish to keep it inflated, you’re better off somewhere dark like your garage or basement. And like we said, halfway inflated.


While you can keep your board stored for the duration of winter, one of the biggest perks of owning an Atoll iSUP is its ability to travel! With our carrying backpack, you are ready for an adventure at any time. So, even if you think you’re done for the season, keep your options open, and let your spirit take you where it wants to explore! Sometimes, there’s no need for paddle board storage.

For any additional inquiries, thoughts, suggestions, purchases, or pictures, contact us directly! We always love hearing from our Atoll family. 

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