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Is it Safe to Leave My SUP in Direct Sunlight?

July 24, 2023
Two Atoll Boards Vertical on Hawaiian Beach with Crossed Paddles

With summer in full effect, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and everyone is getting more vitamin D. Additionally, if you’re an outdoors enthusiast—like our team at Atoll Boards and the rest of the stand-up paddle board (SUP) community—then your adventuring gear and accessories are probably getting a surplus of sunshine, too. While some supplies and pieces of equipment can stay in the sun all day long, others are a different story. Now, you may be wondering, “Is it safe to leave my SUP in direct sunlight?” As always, our team of SUP experts have everything you need to know, so keep on reading below!

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Don’t Leave Your SUP in Direct Sunlight for Too Long

Simply put, no, don’t leave your SUP in direct sunlight for too long, as this can damage the board. More specifically, if you leave your SUP sitting out in the sun for hours on end, this can cause your board to overheat. For fiberglass and epoxy boards, this means delamination, which can lead to the board’s shell detaching from its foam core, thereby resulting in air bubbles being trapped between the core and fiberglass shell. Unfortunately, this can spell the end for some hard boards, especially if the effects are more than minimal. For inflatable SUPs, on the other hand, extended exposure to direct sunlight can cause busted seams. Once again, depending on the severity of the damage, this can render your SUP beyond repair. In short, whether you’re working with a hard or inflatable board, don’t leave your SUP in direct sunlight for too long, as the damage could be irreparable. 

Two Atoll Boards in Water Near Mountains and Forest

Smaller Amounts of Exposure are Typically Fine

On the bright side, smaller amounts of exposure are typically fine, especially when the board is being actively used. If you’re in the water with it, leaving it out to dry, or somewhere in the middle of the process, don’t worry about your board overheating. The aforementioned warnings and disclaimers are focused on the SUPs in the world that are baking in the hot summer sun all day long. As long as you’re using your board and protecting it when you’re not, then chances are you should be just fine. If you’re worried about your SUP overheating, then consider covering it with a tarp or towel when it’s not in use. Or, for long-term storage, check out our related blog, ‘How to Safely Store Your Paddle Board.’ 

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Contact Our Team at Atoll Boards

Finally, for more information about this or anything else, please feel free to contact our team at Atoll Boards. You can always give us a call at 877-698-8581 or send an email to We were more than happy to answer your question, “Is it safe to leave my SUP in direct sunlight?,” and we would gladly welcome any opportunities to assist you further. Also, while you’re at it, consider taking a look at our signature Atoll Boards. Lightweight, durable, and exceptionally versatile, our inflatable SUPs are an excellent choice for practically any type of paddling. Whatever your next adventures may be—SUP surfing, racing, touring, or anything else—it’s sure to be an even better experience atop an Atoll Board. In any case, we hope to serve you soon. Until then! 

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