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Is SUP-ing an Expensive Hobby?

October 2, 2023
Rear View of Paddle Boarder on Atoll Board

When people first learn about stand-up paddle boarding (SUP-ing), one of the most common questions that comes to mind is this: “Is SUP-ing an expensive hobby?” Of course, the answer depends on countless factors, including one’s budget as well as all of the SUP-related gear, supplies, and accessories at which one might be looking. Luckily, our team at Atoll Boards, which is fully staffed with SUP experts, has everything you need to know.

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How Much Does an SUP Cost?

So, without further ado, how much does an SUP cost? Again, the answer varies drastically depending on the model in question. For the sake of simplicity, in the context of this blog, we will be focusing on the sole example of our signature Atoll Boards. Available in two sizes—11-foot-long and 9-foot-long—our inflatable SUPs are regularly priced at $799.99 and $699.99, respectively. At the time of writing, however, they are currently available for $549.99 and $399.99, again, respectively.

Why Are Stand-up Paddle Boards So Expensive?

Now, for the natural follow-up question, “Why are stand-up paddle boards so expensive?” In the case of our signature Atoll Boards, the answer is simply: quality. Our inflatable SUPs are always made from the best materials available, including machine-laminated dual-layer PVC. Of course, the trade-off there being the fact that the best materials will always fetch a higher price tag. 

Front View of Dog and Man on Atoll Board

Reasons Why a Good SUP is Well Worth the Money

Even then, however, there are still many reasons why a good SUP is well worth the money. For starters, in the world of SUP-ing, you typically get what you pay for. As stated above, better materials simply cost more. Therefore, a cheaper board made from weaker materials can’t be expected to last as long or perform as well as a top-of-the-line model. Additionally, the same can be said for various types of gear, supplies, accessories, etc. So, with all of that in mind, if you want to get into the world of SUP-ing, then you’re probably better off spending a little bit more if it means you’ll have a much better experience in the end. 

Alternatives to Beginning with a Brand-New Board

On the bright side, if you’re still on the fence about purchasing a SUP and making such a commitment, then it’s good to note all of the alternatives to beginning with a brand-new board. For starters, consider renting a stand-up paddle board before buying one. Or, if you happen to know anyone with an SUP, or better yet an extra one, then why not ask if you can take it out for a spin? Finally, you can always look at getting a board secondhand. If you do, however, then be sure to select one with minimal wear and tear; after all, the less it was used by its previous owner, then the more adventures it can still endure.

Side View of Dog and Man on Atoll Board


So, in conclusion, is SUP-ing an expensive hobby? Well, to a certain extent, that’s really up to the individual. If one is trying to save money where they can, then maybe it’s better to begin with the aforementioned alternatives to buying a brand-new board outright. On the other hand, if one is confident that SUP-ing will be a big part of their life and they’re happy to make the commitment, then it is definitely well worth it to pull the trigger and purchase a top-of-the-line paddle board today. Either way, the most important thing is to do what’s right for you. 

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