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Make the most of your COVID-19 Quarantine by Paddle Boarding through it

April 25, 2020
A camper’s vehicle parked near the lake with an Atoll inflatable paddle board.

In this article we discuss an effective way to spend your time during COVID quarantine — paddle boarding! Learn how you can use a SUP to improve your health, both mental and physical, during these trying times.


April 26th, 2020
by Anura Guruge & Wiley Wise

As we all know by now, COVID-19 has caused global devastation to a degree that is still hard to comprehend. We have all been impacted, one way or another by this devastation.

But, there is one thing that we can be all sure of. We as humans with our infinite desire to overcome are going to prevail and come out of this, stronger and healthier – in body and in mind. When you think about it, even for a second, you will see that your standup paddle boarding can definitively help you achieve that goal. With “social distancing” guidelines in place in all 50 states, stand up paddle boarding can by an excellent way to adhere to such guidelines.

We all have heard the adage: ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. And then the incomparable Winston Churchill, of WWII fame, had this to say: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. And that is what we are going to do. We are not going to waste any time in deciding that we are going to come out of this crisis STANDING TALL and PROUD. With your top-rated Atoll paddle board you can proudly stand on the water and say you have done your part in fighting the virus while protecting your community.

A man paddling his Atoll inflatable paddle board in the water.

Paddle Boarding– the ideal COVID-19 Preventative?

We all would like to know how we could ‘dodge the bullet’. But, in the meantime we can take the advice given to us by many: ‘exercise, fresh air, and sunlight.” Using your SUP can be an easy way to achieve such goals. Many would say it’s a better and more relaxing way to achieve such a goal rather than bang-up aerobic exercise such as running. 

Serenity. Peace of mind. Just the gentle whoosh of water as you glide along – all your concerns, for now, on the backburner. Remind yourself why you are on the water, don’t focus on the negative that we’ve lately become so accustomed to. Paddle boarding can be better for you than running or jogging. No impact. Gentler on your body. Look for the right body of water, where paddle boarding is currently permitted, no traffic, no pollution, just tranquility. 

Using your board will rejuvenate you. Empower you for what is to come. Make you stronger both in body & mind. An iSUP is the optimum means for standup paddling. Portable, stable, rugged and maneuverable. With your iSUP the world, COVID-19 or no COVID-19, can be your oyster. Transportation is a breeze. Inflation and set-up, especially with our powerful are simple, 2-stage electric pump, cannot be easier. You can be in the water, serenely gliding along, the ruler of your domain, within 15-minutes (max.) of parking your vehicle. It is that easy, and that quick.

A Recap – If You Really Insist

We are going to prevail. We are going to WIN. We need to keep ourselves in great shape – physically and mentally – so we can rebuild our lives, our community and our world.

Paddle boarding lets us commune with nature. The world at its best. Fresh air, serenity, no impact and plenty of aerobic exercise. In these crazy times, it does not get any better. No risk, only upside. So why wait? This will be over… soon, we all hope. So, get moving. Get on the water—check with the Atoll Team on how to get your iSUP delivered to you with expedited shipping. 

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  1. Here in New Jersey we have felt the sting of this pandemic first hand no one here has not been touched by this. Our state and Local governments have had to act in the best interest of public health and safety I do not envy them their task. Once again in my life paddling has been my savior when they closed the beaches I went to the state parks when they closed those I went to the wildlife management areas and when they closed those I went rouge jumping in wherever I could. As soon as the public waterways were reopened I doubled my efforts got involved in some great virtual paddle events as all races and events were transformed, me I just kept paddling. I participated in the virtual Molokai to Oahu myself and a friend paddled 26 miles on the Delaware River from Namanock Island to the Poxono boat ramp. Though the race only required 16 miles we did 26 and dedicated it to my friend’s father Tony a former marathon runner we’d lost last year to cancer. I continue to paddle at least 2 miles every few days and dedicate myself to encouraging other to do the same. I don’t know what’s next for us, and we keep hearing about things getting worse before they get better. My plan is simple it requires 15psi my PFD and some SPF paddle on ATOLL Ohana we’ve got this !!!

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