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Introducing the Atoll Board Company’s Reversible Lanyard Key chain, from the company that brought you the iconic Bison on Board Paddle Board Logo. This generational logo is now available on the Atoll ID Badge Holder Lanyard- a versatile and stylish accessory to keep your keys or ID badge conveniently accessible.

Crafted with a keen eye for both practicality and aesthetics, this lanyard is as functional as it is fashionable. The design features a clean and bold black side adorned with white Atoll Board Company logos for a classic look. Flip it over, and you get a contrasting bright white side with striking black logos, giving you the freedom to choose the look that best complements your mood or outfit of the day.

The lanyard is made from a durable yet comfortable fabric material that feels soft against your skin, making it perfect for long days on the go. Measuring a standard length, it comfortably fits around your neck without feeling restrictive.

The secure metal clasp at the end of the lanyard ensures that your keys or ID badge remain safe and firmly attached. Whether you are at the office, at a trade show, or engaging in outdoor activities, this accessory guarantees that your essentials are just a quick reach away.

Emblazoned with the Atoll Board Company’s signature logos, this lanyard doesn’t only serve as a key chain or an ID badge holder, but it also allows you to express your love for the brand and the adventure lifestyle it represents.

Be organized, stylish, and show off your allegiance to the Atoll Board Company with this Reversible Lanyard Key chain / ID Badge Holder. Order yours today and experience the blend of functionality and style it brings.

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