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Optional Accessories – Bundle with your SUP & SAVE $$$

Atoll Premium Carbon Fiber Paddle - Adjustable

Introducing the Atoll 100% Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle – a pinnacle of strength, lightness, and versatility. This premium quality paddle is expertly crafted from 100% carbon fiber, making it the strongest and lightest paddle offered by Atoll. Unlike its one-piece carbon fiber counterparts, the Atoll paddle is adjustable and compact, fitting seamlessly into any storage or travel setup.

This custom-designed paddle is the perfect accessory for your Atoll Boards inflatable stand up paddle board, or it can also complement other brands just as well. Its extra rigidity makes it ideal for SUP racing and touring, providing a stronger stroke in the water with minimal energy expenditure. The carbon fiber construction ensures that you'll get that extra bite in the water without any unwanted flex in the paddle.

At just 24 ounces, this paddle is a must-have for your next SUP adventure! Experience superior performance, durability, and functionality with the Atoll 100% Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle.

Outdoor Master 20Psi - 12V Electric iSUP Paddle Board Pump

Attention all inflatable stand up paddle board enthusiasts! Looking for a reliable and efficient way to inflate your board quickly and easily? Look no further than the Outdoor Master Shark 2 Sup Electric Air Pump!

Designed with the paddle board user in mind, this state-of-the-art pump inflates your board at a rapid pace while maintaining optimum pressure. Its patented FACS (Fan Assisted Cooling System) prevents overheating, making it perfect for those hot days on the beach. And with its complete adaptability, you can easily plug it into your car's 12V Sup Pump DC connector and choose a nozzle from our complete set to inflate almost any high-pressure inflatable.

This lightweight and compact pump is a perfect companion for any adventure, allowing you to easily fit it into any backpack or paddle board bag. Plus, its eco-friendly design has passed multiple efficiency tests, making it the ultimate air pump endorsed by the biggest industry leaders.

Whether you're a seasoned paddler or just starting out, the Outdoor Master Shark 2 Sup Electric Air Pump is the perfect accessory for your inflatable stand up paddle board. Order now and experience the convenience and ease of inflating your board in minutes with the Shark 2!

Sup Kayak Conversion Kit

Introducing the Atoll Kayak Conversion Kit, the perfect addition to your inflatable stand up paddle board for those who want to switch between stand up paddling and kayaking! This kit includes the Atoll Kayak Seat attachment and the Atoll kayak paddle board kayak paddle adapter, designed to be used with the Atoll stock paddle (stock paddle not included).

The Atoll kayak paddle board kayak paddle adapter is the ideal accessory for easy and quick conversion of the Atoll standard paddle into a kayak paddle. Whether you want to sit and paddle in kayak style using the Atoll kayak seat or switch up your paddling style, this adapter allows you to do it all in no time. It easily fits into your standard Atoll travel backpack and alongside your paddle, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Speaking of the Atoll Kayak Seat attachment, it is a universal SUP kayak seat that provides maximum comfort and durability. With its padded seat cushion, adjustable straps, and reinforced nylon backing for lumbar support, this padded paddle board seat and backrest will keep you comfortable during all-day water excursions. It can fit any paddle board with the correct D-ring configuration, making it a versatile addition to your inflatable stand up paddle board.

Don't limit yourself to just stand up paddling - with the Atoll Kayak Conversion Kit, you can easily switch between kayaking and stand up paddling, all with the same equipment. Enhance your paddling experience with the Atoll Kayak Conversion Kit, available now with the Atoll kayak paddle board kayak paddle adapter and the Atoll Kayak Seat attachment.

SUP Life Preserver - Onyx M-16 Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

Attention all stand up paddle boarders! Keep yourself safe and comfortable on the water with the M-16 Inflatable Belt Pack. This belt pack provides manual inflation, meaning you can pull the inflation handle when needed to quickly inflate the belt pack. It’s extremely low profile and weighs less than 1 lb, providing comfort and peace of mind without weighing you down.

The M-16 Inflatable Belt Pack is designed to provide 17 lbs of buoyancy with a 16 gram CO2 charge, and the oral inflation tube can provide up to 26.5 lbs of additional buoyancy. The secure pull clips on the belt pack allow for quick release when pulled for inflation, and the 1″ buckle and body belt ensure a secure fit.

This belt pack also features a durable nylon oxford protective cover and is U.S. Coast Guard approved, providing the ultimate in safety and reliability. Always read your owner’s manual for the proper way to initially arm your life jacket with the CO2 cartridge and how to re-arm it after it’s been inflated.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the M-16 Inflatable Belt Pack is a must-have accessory for any stand up paddle boarder. Don’t take any chances on the water – order now and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable and comfortable inflatable belt pack at your side.

iSUP Paddle Board 4.6" River Flex Fin

Enhance your inflatable stand up paddle board experience with Atoll's 4.6 inch River Flex Fin! This essential accessory is designed for shallow water conditions and comes with a fin screw for easy installation. Say goodbye to proprietary fins that won't fit your board and limit your options in various water conditions. Atoll Boards uses the universal fin box on all their stand up paddle boards, making this fin compatible with any board that uses the universal fin box.

Don't take the risk of hitting rocks and damaging your board with a hard non-river fin. The River Flex Fin is designed to flex and provide added protection in shallow water conditions, making it the perfect solution for lakes and rivers. Whether you're exploring a harbor, riding big waves, or navigating a river, make sure you have the right fin for the job. With this River Flex Fin, you can enjoy your inflatable stand up paddle board in a variety of environments without the worry of limited options.

Also check out the Atoll 9 inch paddle board race fin here

iSUP Paddle Boards 8 Inch Flex Fin



Gear up to rule the waters with our cutting-edge inflatable paddle boards, now available in two bold sizes and six striking colors. Engineered for riders of all skill levels and sizes, our 11-foot iSUP and the newly introduced 9-foot board tailored for youth riders are both equipped with an array of features to optimize your paddling experience.

Each inflatable paddle board boasts 15 reinforced D-rings, a front zipper for the heavy-duty backpack travel bag, and an upgraded carbon fiberglass paddle complemented by a color-matched nylon blade. Our refined, minimalist design retains the classic aesthetic that our customers value.

Built from top-notch materials, the Atoll iSUP is constructed using machine-laminated dual-layer PVC, the most robust and lightweight material available. Incorporating Drop Stitch technology, the board sustains its shape and durability. Weighing a mere 21 lbs, this iSUP ranks among the lightest models out there. The board is recommended for riders up to 315 lbs and has been water tested with over 500 lbs distributed across multiple riders.

Each iSUP package includes the inflatable paddle board, a black carbon-wrapped fiberglass paddle with a nylon blade, a 10-foot coil leash, a dual-action high-pressure hand pump, an 8-inch composite fin, and a universal fin box compatible with most aftermarket fins. The rugged SUP travel backpack bag is equipped with a front zipper pouch spacious enough to store the center fin and a repair kit. Master the water with this comprehensive SUP package.

Available in 2 sizes and 6 different colors.


  • Dimensions: 11 foot x 32 inch x 6 inch and 9 foot x 30 inch x 6 inch
  • Constructed from machine-laminated dual-layer PVC, the strongest and lightest iSUP material available
  • Utilizing Drop Stitch technology, the Atoll iSUP maintains its shape and durability
  • Weighing only 21 lbs, this iSUP is one of Atoll’s lightest models
  • Recommended for riders up to 315 lbs and water tested at over 500 lbs with multiple riders


  • Inflatable paddle board
  • Black carbon-wrapped fiberglass paddle with nylon blade
  • 10-foot coil leash
  • Dual-action high-pressure hand pump for easy inflation
  • 8-inch composite fin
  • Universal fin box compatible with most aftermarket fins
  • Heavy-duty SUP travel backpack bag with front zipper pouch for storing the center fin
  • Repair Kit

Embark on your next aquatic journey with this complete SUP package, expertly designed for the water.

Additional information

Weight38 lbs
Dimensions38 × 18 × 12 in

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Size Chart

Youth Paddle Board: 9 foot x 30 inches x 6 inches Adult Paddle Board: 11 foot x 32 inches x 6 inches