Atoll Paddle Board Hook and Loop Paddle Straps (Set of 2)



Introducing the Paddle Straps – the rugged, reliable sidekick for your Inflatable Paddle Board!

Our Paddle Straps are engineered to hold your paddle firmly on the side of your inflatable paddle board, so you can free up your hands to reel in a big catch, take a dive underwater, or master your next paddle board yoga class. To get started, simply attach the straps to your Atoll inflatable paddle board’s D-rings using the spring-loaded clip, and let the water-rated hook and loop straps do the heavy lifting.

Built with high-quality, tough-as-nails nylon, these straps won’t back down from any challenge. Lightweight and easy to install, they’re the ultimate addition to your inflatable paddle board gear arsenal.

Whether you’re a seasoned water warrior or just stepping onto your board for the first time, our Paddle Straps are the perfect companion for your inflatable paddle board adventures. Order now and experience the unparalleled convenience and grit of our Paddle Straps.

Atoll SUP Inflatable Paddle Board Paddle Holder Highlights:

  • Compatible with any paddle board equipped with D-rings
  • Package includes 2 rugged straps
  • A prime complement to the Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board

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