• 9 inch Tourning Fin
  • Universal finbox attachment
  • Rigid fin

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Are you an experienced paddler looking to improve your speed and tracking? Look no further than the 9-inch Race Paddle Board Fin, designed to fit all Atoll inflatable stand up paddle boards, as well as any other paddle board with a US style fin box.

This high-quality paddle board fin is specially designed for racers and those looking to push their limits. The 9-inch length promotes a faster ride and enables better tracking, allowing you to travel from point A to point B with the shortest distance in between.

For any serious paddler, tracking is the most important aspect to consider while on the water. This 9-inch SUP race fin enhances tracking through physics, providing superior performance on the water. Whether you’re racing, breaking personal records, or just trying to improve your skills, this race fin will help you get there.

The 9-inch Race Paddle Board Fin is designed to fit any paddle board with a US fin box, so even if you don’t own an Atoll board, this fin will fit your paddle board perfectly.

As an experienced paddler, you know that knowing your terrain is crucial to a successful paddle. Whether you’re paddling on a lake or in other water conditions, the 9-inch Race Paddle Board Fin is the perfect tool for enhancing your performance and pushing your limits.

Upgrade your paddle board today with the 9-inch Race Paddle Board Fin and experience the ultimate in tracking and speed. With this high-quality fin, you can break personal records, compete with other racers, and take your paddling to the next level.

For rivers use the 4.6 inch paddle board river fin

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