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iSUP Paddle Board Replacement Fin


Replacement fin for the newest Atoll iSUP board. This fin will fit all Standard or ‘œUS’ fin boxes. No keys or tools required to install this extra durable fin. This fin will fit any stand up paddle board or inflatable paddle board that utilizes a US or Universal fin box system. This fin is not limited to the Atoll SUP. Universal fin boxes provide the user with the most efficient way to optimize their terrain for an effect knows a ‘œ Terrain Optimization.’ You see a river you would like to paddle, pick the correct paddle board fin from your quiver of fins and you’™re paddling that river. See a lake you want to shoot across in record time and you are concerned with maximizing tracking, optimize the 9 inch race rin. This fin is the standard Atoll fin and is suitable for the majority of your paddle board terrain needs.

Please note: This fin will not fit 1st Generation Atoll iSUPs.

9 inch Paddle Board race fin here

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