Sup Kayak Conversion Kit


This kit comes with the following items:

1 x Atoll Kayak Seat attachment
1 x Atoll kayak paddle board kayak paddle adapter (designed only to be used in conjunction with the Atoll stock paddle)

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The Atoll Kayak Conversion Kit

Atoll Kayak Conversion Kit: A versatile addition to your inflatable paddle board, enabling you to alternate between stand up paddling and kayaking. The kit is made up of:

  • Atoll Paddle Adapter:
    • Quickly converts your standard Atoll paddle into a kayak paddle, allowing for diverse paddling styles.
    • Compact design fits neatly into your standard Atoll travel backpack, perfect for portable use.
  • Atoll Kayak Seat:
    • A universal SUP kayak seat with high durability and comfort.
    • Features a padded seat cushion, adjustable straps, and a reinforced nylon backing for lumbar support.
    • Compatible with any paddle board with the correct D-ring configuration.

With the Atoll Kayak Conversion Kit, there’s no need to restrict yourself to one paddling style. It allows for effortless transitions between kayaking and stand up paddling with the same equipment. Upgrade your paddling adventure with this conversion kit, now bundled with the Atoll Paddle Adapter and the Atoll Kayak Seat.

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