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Sup Kayak Conversion Kit


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The Atoll Kayak Conversion Kit

This kit comes with the following items:

1 x Atoll Kayak Seat attachment
1 x Atoll kayak paddle board kayak paddle adapter (designed only to be used in conjunction with the Atoll stock paddle)

The Atoll kayak paddle board kayak paddle adapter.

This kayak paddle adapter allows for rapid conversion of the Atoll standard paddle into a kayak paddle. For those who would like to sit kayak style using the Atoll kayak seat, this new product allows for you to use a kayak paddle with ease. Just detach the handle of your standard Atoll stand up paddle board paddle and swap this on and you’re good to go in no time. This kayak paddle adapter will fit into your standard Atoll travel backpack and fit alongside your standard paddle. An excellent addition to your isup kayak seat.

The Atoll Kayak Seat attachment

The Atoll Boards Universal SUP Kayak Seat features a padded seat cushion with adjustable straps. This padded paddle board seat and backrest will keep the adventurer in you comfortable during those all-day water excursions. This SUP and iSUP kayak seat will fit any paddle board with the correct D-ring configuration. Stand up paddle boards are not just for standing up anymore, now anyone can attach the Atoll K-2000 Kayak seat for maximum comfort and durability. The K-2000 isn’t just for people doing a 2-3 day, multi night camping paddle adventure anymore. With the new quick release tab system you can swap out the isup kayak seat almost instantaneously for fun at the lake, the river or ocean. The K-2000 is made with reinforced nylon backing for lumbar support and an extra layer of poly durable mesh on the front to allow for quicker drying. Turn your paddle board into a kayak now with the K-2000. Also available the Atoll kayak paddle adapter allowing for rapid conversion of the Atoll standard paddle into a kayak paddle.