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SUP Life Preserver - Onyx M-16 Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

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This belt pack PFD’s unique design keeps stand-up paddle boarders (SUP), anglers, boaters, and other recreational paddlers safe without compromising movement.

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The 16 gram CO2 charge provides 17 pounds of buoyancy and the oral inflation tube can be used to provide additional buoyancy up to 26.5 pounds when fully inflated.

Use your stand up paddle board and keep safety in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are using an inflatable stand up paddle board or a rigid paddle board, safety comes first.

This breakthrough PFD gives anyone using their iSUP or needs a life jacket piece of mind and safety while on the water. Outdoor recreation has become one of the fastest growing segments of the economy over the last several years. Encompassed within the outdoor industry is water recreation. Water recreation or ‘œ water sports’ have surpassed many other segments within the outdoor industry. Paddle boards have been a major contributor to the growth of the outdoor industry. This is partially due to the fact that anywhere there is water, people can paddle, kayak, or work on advanced yoga poses such as Warrior Pose or just enjoy the fresh air. This may come at a risk though , always remember that safety comes number one when you are on the water.

Regardless of state laws, the Atoll Family always recommends using a PFD that has been certified by the USCG such as the Onyx M-16. This is a must have in your quiver of paddle board accessories.

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