Introducing the Geckobrands Captiva Floating Sunglasses – the ultimate eyewear solution for stand-up paddleboard enthusiasts! Say goodbye to the fear of losing your sunglasses in the water and embrace the freedom to focus on your paddling adventures.

Featuring a lightweight, heat-resistant TPX frame, these sunglasses not only float effortlessly on water but are also incredibly durable, withstanding the harsh elements of the great outdoors. The TAC lenses are formulated for superior polarization clarity, boasting scratch-resistant coating and high impact resistance, ensuring your sunglasses remain in excellent condition no matter what challenges you face.

Experience optimum eye protection with the UV400 TAC lenses, which provide 100% defense against harmful UV rays. The polarized lenses reduce glare and minimize eyestrain, keeping you comfortable during long days on the water.

Embrace a stylish and timeless appearance with the Geckobrands Captiva Floating Sunglasses, your ultimate accessory for paddleboarding and other water adventures.

Included with your purchase are a cleaning cloth, carrying case, and a Geckobrands sticker. Keep your sunglasses in perfect condition by periodically cleaning them with the provided microfiber cloth, and always rinse with tap water after exposure to ocean or pool water.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 5.67″H x 6.30″W x 1.65″D (14.40 cm x 16 cm x 4.19 cm)
Empty Weight: 0.04 lbs (0.01 kg)
Lens Width: 5.5 inches
To ensure your complete satisfaction, Atoll Boards offers a 30-day return policy on these exceptional Floating Polarized Sunglasses. Get ready to elevate your paddleboarding experience with the ultimate eyewear accessory – order your Geckobrands Captiva Floating Sunglasses today!

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