Should I Buy a USED Inflatable Paddle Board (iSUP)?

January 21, 2021

In this article we discuss whether it’s a good idea to buy a used inflatable paddle board (iSUP). And what you can do as an alternative!


SUP boards are an investment.

This is a nice way to say that can be a little pricey, especially for a beginner looking to get into the sport. Unlike your traditional sporting goods, a decent SUP board will cost close to a grand to get started. Because of this, it’s not a decision people take lightly.

For the beginner, you often set your sights on extra options to see if you like the sport of SUP and want to continue it. The best option would be to rent a board for an extended amount of time from your local outfitter. Do this to see if you’d like to own one yourself.

Another option would be to buy a used board at a discounted rate.

But is this the correct way to go? Can a used board be a smart buy in regards to an inflatable board?

Like all things in life, there are pros and cons. Today, we’re going to discuss each with the hope of better educating you on a buy that will serve you well.

Let’s begin!

used inflatable paddle board

Pros for Buying Used Inflatable Paddle Boards:

More Affordable

The main reason why people set their sights on Craigslist is to save money on their purchases. Completely understandable. And it’s true, sometimes a used board can be the best option for you. They can provide a great beginner board to get you hooked on the activity at an affordable price.

If you do go this route and want to save money on your first buy, we recommend purchasing a board from a nearby shop or outfitter. Instead of some random person on the internet.

At a shop or outfitter, you are more likely to receive a board that’s handled well. And if the salesperson is honest, they will point out any defects or flaws the board has before you buy. This will save you any frustration in the future in case those defects go unnoticed. Or if they remained hidden someone looking to unload their board for a quick cash payday.

Get Into SUP Quicker

Like our first pro, our second one- the ability to get into SUP quicker- lands under the same umbrella of affordability.

We’ve all been there- caught up by the idea of starting a new hobby or purchasing a new toy that will entertain you or even get you back into shape. But when the time comes to make the buy, you realize how expensive that piece actually is and you just can’t pull the trigger.

You’re left with a longing feeling of desire but no way to satisfy it.

This happens quite a lot with SUP boards. And a cheaper alternative is of course a used SUP. By purchasing a heavily discounted board you’re able to quickly satisfy your desire and get into action.

If you do find yourself in this situation a used board may be appropriate.

Don’t Have to Worry About Banging It Up

Last, one of the biggest pros about buying a used board is in the stress-free way you are able to use it.

Unlike a new board, used boards have been through the paces. They inflated and deflated, rolled up, threw them into cars, have paddle marks on the side, and even small chips missing from the deck pad.

With the usual wear and tear that comes with using a board, you won’t fear beating it up and keeping it perfect. This gives you the freedom to treat it a little more rough and continue to use it without worry. Of course, if there is any way that you can reduce stress about your purchase, it is worth pursuing.

Cons for Buying Used Inflatable Paddle Boards:

No Warranty

The biggest con of purchasing a used board is not having a durability and performance warranty.

At Atoll boards we build our boards for whatever adventure you are on. If you have any problems with the manufacturing we will gladly reimburse your purchase, provide you with a new board, or help in any fashion we can to keep you as a satisfied customer.

The same can’t be said for the guy down the street from Craigslist. Be careful who you buy from!

Durability Issues

As we have already stated, having a used board means you don’t necessarily have to baby the board anymore and can paddle it stress-free.

Which, as we said, is great!

But before you buy, you must thoroughly check the board for any issues along the seams, the nose, tail, fin box, everything.

We build our boards to last. But we can’t guarantee how they’ve been taken care of by their previous owner. Make sure you do a thorough search and that the previous owner isn’t trying to hide anything from you because you might find that after a couple of paddles, you’ve developed a small leak!

Have to Replace It Quicker

And if you do have a small leak. A problem with the fin box. Or the pad starts to peel up due to improper storage and cleaning, you’ll have to either replace the piece. Patch it up. Or purchase a brand new board to replace your used one.

That will result in twice the costs and mitigate any savings you planned on in the first place!

Not good.


Much like all things in life, there are pros and cons to purchasing a used inflatable paddle board. It’s true, you can save a significant amount of money. Get involved in the SUP world a lot quicker. And not have to worry about babying your purchase. But, you must make sure you are purchasing a board from a reputable dealer and that the previous owner took care of the board well before you. Otherwise, you’re going to end up spending twice the amount!

Our recommendation: avoid the over purchase by grabbing a brand new Atoll iSUP backed by the best customer service in the industry with one of the most durable boards on the market.

Plus, Atoll boards are completely affordable and come equipped with everything you need to get started (paddle, bag, fins, patch kit, coil leash).

Going this route will guarantee your one-time investment will last a lifetime. Contact us to get started on picking out your board today!

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