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The 20 Best Beaches For Camping And SUP in the United States

January 3, 2024

The United States is home to some of the best beaches in the world for camping and SUP. To find out 20 great options for a paddling adventure in 2024, check out this list below!

1. Assateague Island National Seashore, Assateague Island, Maryland

If there is one hidden treasure in the state of Maryland, it has to be Assateague Island. The island sits across a steep bridge over the bay and once you make it to the other side, you’re greeted with wide-open views, a pristine beach, plenty of camping sites and amenities, as well as the famous island ponies roaming the shores along the coast.

There are plenty of calm, back-bay areas to launch your iSUP as well as wide-open drive-on beaches you can take an off-road vehicle onto if you desire a little more privacy for your outing. Head here if you’re looking for a wild time with wild horses (and plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable).

With these two awesome characteristics, Assateague Island is considered one of the best beaches for camping and SUP in Maryland – as well as the United States!

Campsites start at $30 a night. For more information, head HERE.

2. Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park, Kauai, Hawaii

Our second location takes us to Kauai. If you know anything about Kauai or if you’ve ever seen any pictures of the island online you know…it’s gorgeous.

The bright green mountains, the brilliant blue waters, and the stretches of white sandy beaches combine to make this location unforgettable. And with it being less populated than other more famous Hawaiian Islands, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find your own secluded spot and enjoy the views.

When it comes to camping and SUP though, head to the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park. This spot has two major campgrounds: the Miloli’i and Hanakoa campgrounds. While there, you can enjoy excellent beach camping at Miloli’i (which is only accessible by boat), with rates starting at $25 per night. Not bad! But you need to apply for camping permits online before you go. They’re not terribly difficult to come by, but you may need to make your reservation well in advance to secure a spot. But with views like the one shown below…

The wait is worth it!

To make a reservation, head HERE.

3. Silver Strand State Beach, California

If you are planning on visiting Southern California, first be sure to stop by and say hi. The Atoll Boards home is located in Huntington Beach. But after that, you should definitely check out Silver Strand State Beach located near Coronado.

This is a great location for those visiting and living in the greater San Diego area. At this location, you can enjoy a wide, sandy beach that is perfect for all activities such as swimming, fishing, and paddle boarding.

Campsites range from beachside sites to RV and camper van locations. For those wanting to enjoy the sun and live the surf SoCal style, this is the place to go!

For more information about reservations head HERE.

4. Siuslaw National Forest, Yachats, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best nature views, glowing green forests, and rugged hiking trails in the United States. It also happens to be one of the best places to paddle board.

The park is made of densely wooded trails, large sand dunes, and gorgeous views of the Oregon Coast. It includes 630,000 acres of national forests that feature a variety of terrains, rivers, waterfalls, and plenty of old-growth forests. In addition, there are three designated wilderness areas perfect for hiking, and drive-up campgrounds right by the beach perfect for paddling during the mornings before hiking in the afternoons.

If you’re a fan of dense, green forests and mountain views this should be your first choice. For more information on camping, head to their website HERE.

5. Wright’s Beach, Sonoma Coast State Park, Sonoma County, California

Our next location takes us to Wright’s Beach located in the Sonoma Coast State Park. This location is a wine lover’s dream as much as it is an outdoor lover’s dream. So, if you’re into wine country then this is the location for you!

While heading here, you will likely notice the many Instagram-worthy sites along this coastal beach park located on Highway 1. And if you decided to spend the day driving up and down the highway for the views alone, we wouldn’t blame you!

The best place to stay is at Wright’s Beach. The location hosts 27 campsites and even allows dogs as long as they stay on a leash. Rates begin at $35 per night, and reservations should be made 48 hours to six months in advance – making reservations in advance is necessary during the busy season in the summer.

This is an ocean launch location for paddling so always wait for a calm, flat day to go. But on the right days, when the sun is setting on the horizon, and you’re taking in the view from atop your Atoll iSUP, it’s magical.

For more information about this location head to Sonoma Coast State Parks’ website.

6. Jalama Beach County Park, Lompoc, California

If you know anything about Jalama Beach, you know it’s located in Santa Barbara. And if you know anything about Santa Barabara you know it’s one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. No joke. The rolling hills, the crashing ocean, the palm trees swaying the breeze…

They all combine to make this area an unforgettable one.

At the county park, you can fall asleep under the stars to the sound of waves crashing on the surf after a long day of paddling. Even better, all 107 campsites here overlook the ocean and are equipped with a picnic table, barbeque pit, hot showers, restrooms, and water. Or you can opt for one of the seven different cabins all with ocean views.

Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time. For more information about reservations head to their website.

7. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Lake Superior, Wisconsin

There are 21 islands that makeup Wisconsin’s Apostle islands with camping available on 18 of them. In addition to fantastic places to camp with amenities, the islands also feature backcountry camping options for the real adventurer’s out there. If there is one place on our list that qualifies as a true Atoll adventure location, it might just be the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The rugged wilderness, wide-open skies, and beautiful lake sceneries for paddling make for one of the best beaches for camping and SUP in the US.

Individual campsites are $15 per night and reservations can (and should) be made around 30 days in advance.

To book your stay head HERE.

8. Hoffmaster State Park, Muskegon, Michigan

In case you didn’t know, Michigan is a popular place to experience the outdoors. Who would have thought? People who live in Michigan. That’s who.

Regardless, one of the best beaches for camping and SUP might just be Hoffmaster State Park. Consisting of three miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, there’s a ton to do, see, and paddle at this popular campground. There are 297 sites with tons of beautiful views, trails for hiking, and even skiing if you want to mix in some powder with your paddle.

One thing to keep in mind though, most of the sites are secluded. While that’s ideal for us, you can also make a short trip to nearby towns for food and restaurant options.

Camping fees typically range from $25 to $37 per night.

To book your stay head HERE.

9. Grand Isle State Park, Grand Isle, Louisiana

Have you ever been to New Orleans? If not, you should! It’s one of the most unique cities in the United States. The food, the atmosphere, and the music combine for some of the liveliest nightlife around.

And once you’re done seeing the sites, you can head a short 2-hour drive to Grand Isle State Park where you can experience the best of the bayou from atop your Atoll SUP (as well as one of the best beaches for camping and SUP on our list). This campground offers 49 RV sites with electrical water hooks up and 14 tent sites right on the beach (our favorite type of tent site). Along with paddling, you can go fishing, and crabbing, and there are plenty of trails to hike in the afternoon.

Rates begin at $18 per night. For more information, head HERE.

10. Sea Camp Campground, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia

For those looking for unique, secluded locations, this one might be it! To get to the Sea Camp Campground, you will need to arrive by boat. But trust us, the trip is well worth it. Once there, you can explore freshwater wetlands, spot fascinating wildlife, and go for long hikes (on top of paddling the surrounding waters). Plus, there are modern amenities available such as drinking water, showers, and toilets.

There is one drawback, however – for safety reasons, you’re not allowed to light any campfires. But there is a fire pit you can enjoy with other campers (score!).

Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance and fees begin at $22 per night.

To make your reservation or if you’d like more information head HERE.

11. Hunting Island State Park, Hunting Island, South Carolina

Are you looking for a stunning location in between the fun city locations of Charleston and Savannah? If so, you need to check out Hunting Island State Park! This beautiful beach offers a quiet, secluded getaway where you can SUP to your heart’s content. And you can do it with your four-legged friend along for the ride. Yes, that’s right, this is a dog-friendly location.

It features over 100 campsites for tents and RVs along with electric and water hookups. Along with SUP, you can also fish, crab, bike, and hike.

For more information head HERE.

12. Cape Lookout National Seashore, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Are you the roughing-it type? If so, then a trip to Cape Lookout National Seashore is a must! There are no formal campsites in this location and only a few amenities, so you’ll have to fend for yourself. But for some people, that’s the authentic charm of the place. What you’ll also find there are gorgeous, sandy beaches with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. And on calm days, it’s a great place to launch your Atoll SUP and get paddling.

Even so, make sure you’re prepared before you get there. Bring plenty of food, water, and ways to keep yourself clean while sleeping under the stars.

For more information head to the National Park Service website HERE.

13. Bahia Honda State Park, Big Pine Key, Florida

Have you ever wanted to camp under palm trees? Let’s be honest…who hasn’t? Well, if it’s been sitting on your bucket list for a few years and you’re ready to make it a reality, you need to head over to Bahia Honda State Park! Here you can go snorkeling, explore Bahia Honda’s pristine sands, and paddle your way along the jagged coast of the Keys. And do it all in one day! Not a bad location for a night camping under the stars, right?

Camping rates start at $36 a night. For more information head to the Florida State Parks website HERE.

14. Bird Island Basin, Padre Island National Seashore, Texas

Are you into birds? Birdwatching? Or just nature in general? If so, a trip down to Bird Island Basin on the Padre Island National Seashore needs to be in your plans for the new year. Here you can spot all kinds of wildlife, SUP in the bay, and have a great time hanging around their communal fire pit. It’s also a great spot for windsurfers and kayakers alike.

Just one thing to keep in mind – this is dry camping only. That means, there is no electricity or running water. Though there are showers available. Either way, it’s one of the best beaches for camping and SUP on our list.

For more information on activities and camping fees, be sure to head HERE.

15. Horseneck Beach State Reservation, Westport, Massachusetts

Horseneck Beach State Reservation lies just west of Martha’s Vineyard and includes a two-mile stretch of unforgettable beach to sit under the sun and paddle on the water. In addition, it features gorgeous wild roses growing along the shoreline and 100 different campsites for you to find the right spot. One thing to keep in mind for you paddleboarders out there – it does get windy here so it’s best to SUP early in the morning or late in the afternoon. For windsurfers, this might be your ideal location during the middle of the day.

Either way, it’s still considered one of the best beaches for camping and SUP.

For more information on rates, be sure to head to their website HERE.

16. Long Key State Park, Long Key, Florida

Long Key State Park is located at mile maker 67 along the Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys. And much like every location in the Keys, it’s beautiful. As well as one of the best beaches for camping and SUP. The white sand, the turquoise water, and the wildlife, all combine to make this spot an unforgettable camping location for SUP.

The park is easily accessible from Key West which makes it a great location to find some quiet time after heading out for a night on the town.

If you happen to find yourself in the Keys, we recommend at least an overnight stay here. For more information, head to their website.

17. Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida and Mississippi

This national seashore along the Gulf of Mexico is divided into two sections belonging to Florida and Mississippi.

But what you’ll find on either side of the state line is one of the best beaches for camping and SUP. As well as secluded Gulf Coast beaches with white sandy beaches, calm waters, and brilliant sky views of the stars at night. You can also head to the end of the pier located within the park for excellent fishing or grab your snorkel for extra exploration after you’re done with your SUP.

There’s also Fort Pickens to explore. Named after American Revolutionary War hero Andrew Pickens, the fort was completed in 1834 and features historical ruins and plenty of history to discover.

With added attractions like this, Gulf Islands National Seashore is a must-visit for any adventure junkie. For more information about the park, be sure to head to their National Parks website.

18. Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park, Washington

Kalaloch Campground in Olympic National Park is by far the most popular beach campsite in Washington State and is considered one of the best beaches for camping and SUP in the state. And once you’re inside the park, setting up your campsite, and looking at the view – it’s easy to understand why.

The rocky terrain is unlike any other beach experience and it’s home to plenty of interesting wildlife including bald eagles and even the occasional whale. Plus, the tide goes out dramatically here so once you’re on the beach, it’s easy to carry your paddle board to the ocean for a paddle.

But just like our previous locations, as this is an ocean launch, be sure to wait for a calm day with minimal wind to SUP.

For more information about Kalaloch Campground head to their website HERE.

19. Homer Spit Campground, Homer, Alaska

Alaska. The last frontier. The place in the north. The beautiful state that sits a stone’s throw from Russia. And one of the places that have captured many well-known people’s attention – and for good reason! It’s a beautiful location unlike any other.

And at Homer, you’ll find unforgettable views of the mountains and the ocean. The campground itself is located along Kachemak Bay and is large enough to fit over 100 RVs and at least 25 tents.

You might be thinking though, “It’s Alaska! Do I have to rough it in the cold the entire time?” Well, only if you want to! The campground here is very close to restaurants, shops, and bars with beachfront campsite rates beginning at $35.

Of course, if your intent is to SUP while you camp, it might be a good idea to go during the warmer months. And even though the calendar may say summer, you’re going to need to bring a thick wetsuit to stay warm. But with proper planning and gear, you’ll have an unforgettable time exploring this amazing site.

For more information head to the Homer Spit Campground website.

20. Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

Remember how we mentioned white sandy beaches on Kauai? Well on this Maui state park you’ll find brilliant black beaches that are sure to be the focus of many vacation photos. Along with those, you’ll also find tide pools, natural stone arches, freshwater caves, and plenty of wildlife! It’s an outdoor lover’s dream come true.

Plus, if you bring your Atoll SUP you can inspect the shoreline and see the beach from a whole different perspective. Just be sure to go on a calm day – the waves can get big here so be mindful before you head out!

The camping at Wai’anapanapa State Park is some of the best around. And just like a few of our previous spots, you will need to apply for a permit and make a reservation before booking. Rates are between $20 and $30 per night with cabins available for an additional fee.

To make a reservation head HERE.


Ready to make the most out of 2024? Then starting planning your next SUP adventure at one of these 20 magnificent locations. No matter where you decide to go, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. And of course, as long as you have your Atoll board with you, the possibilities for exploration are endless. Do you have any questions? Comments? Our inbox is always open.

Until next time Atoll family, remember to adventure on!

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