The Best SUP Fishing Tips for Your iSUP

July 8, 2022

In this article we discuss the top tips you need to the next time you decide to go SUP fishing on your Atoll iSUP!


One of the best ways to utilize your Atoll 11’ inflatable paddle board is to take it on a fishing trip at your local lake or river. The feeling of freedom, sunshine, sipping drinks, and getting sun all while casting lures is enough to make any fisherman believe they might be in heaven. Not to mention the ability to get to shallow areas where fish might be congregating that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

If you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to fishing on your SUP then we salute you! You’ve found a fantastic way to spend time outdoors relaxing. But if you are new to SUP and SUP fishing then as always – we are here to give you advice on the best ways to get out there and start having some fun!

Check out this list of tips that will ensure your time on the water is successful.

sup fishing

Why Fish From Your iSUP?

Easy to transport

One of the biggest reasons to give SUP fishing a try as opposed to kayak fishing is the ability with which you can transport your board. Instead of lugging around a heavy, plastic-molded kayak, your iSUP fits into a comfortable backpack and can be inflated at the launch location.

High visibility

Instead of sitting down as you do in a kayak, you stand on a stand up paddle board (obviously). But what exactly does this do? It gives you the vantage point of being able to see the entire horizon in order to pick out your perfect spot. In addition, you can look straight down into the water in order to see what you might be able to catch. Two things you can’t do while sitting down.


For most people, a day of fishing is synonymous with relaxation. And while you can definitely relax while fishing from a SUP, you also receive the benefits of a short workout while you paddle to your launch location. On a SUP, fishing is both relaxing and invigorating.

Easy to maneuver

Just like how we said a SUP is easy to transport, while on the water they’re much easier to maneuver as well. While you can move more freely on the surface of the board in order to secure your catch, you can also reach shallow areas of water where the fish are biting. And where larger boats can’t reach.

Customer submitted photo: Atoll 11′ iSUP in action!

What to Look Out For

Before you head out, be sure to keep your eyes open on the water in order to stay safe and have fun.

Underwater objects

Always pay attention to what is underneath your feet. While there is always the danger of coming across underwater debris that we often can’t predict, you also want to take into account naturally occurring objects.

The number one thing to look for and avoid while on your SUP fishing excursion is oyster beds. Not only can they be harmful to your feet if you have to get off your board, but they can slice through the board itself if you hit them hard enough. Always keep your eyes open for these as you search for the perfect fishing hole.

Good balance

Off the water, it’s easy to imagine reeling in your choice catch. But on the water, it’s a whole different game. Especially if you are new to paddling.

Before you go fishing, make sure you have plenty of experience paddling on the water. And in rough conditions. This will train your body and brain to better handle any uneven water patterns. And will aid in keeping your balance while you reel in a large catch.

In addition, you will have gear with you that will weigh your board down. Go for a dry run paddle with your gear loaded on top to make sure you are able to handle the extra weight on a long distance paddle. With enough experience underneath your belt, you’ll be better prepared to handle anything.

Necessary Gear

The right gear will always make the difference – no matter what activity you decide to enjoy on the water.

But for SUP Fishing always start out with the basics:

1. Hard Top Cooler

You need a spot for your beer…errr…WATER. Hydration. It’s important. In addition to providing you with tasty, cold drinks, a hard-top cooler is a perfect spot to take a seat while you wait for your big catch. There are plenty of brands out there to choose from, just make sure it can hold your weight!

2. Anchor

While an anchor isn’t always necessary, they do come in handy when you are located in shallow water and want to camp for a bit. One tip to keep in mind – make sure you bring plenty of rope for the depths you’re paddling, and always attach your anchor to the board before throwing it overboard!

3. Rod Holders

It’s always good to have a spot where you can leave your rod holder without worrying about it falling into the water. We suggest outfitting your cooler with either store-made rod holders or you can screw a couple of PVC pipes to the edges for the perfect place to put your rod while you’re paddling.

4. Tackle Box

The only spot to keep your bait/lures. Find a sleek tackle box that can fit comfortably underneath the front bungees of the board.

5. Leash

You should already be equipped with your very own Atoll iSUP coil leash. If you don’t yet own one, or if you need a replacement, then make sure you are wearing a coil leash. You don’t want a straight leash to be dragging in the water while you are paddling – it might catch on a rock and dump you overboard!

6. PFD

Just as important as a leash! If you do fall in, you want to make sure you stay buoyant. A quality personal flotation device goes a long way to keeping you safe on the water.

7. Lanyards

These are not always a necessity, more of a luxury but can come in handy if you want to hang additional gear off your board or attach something to the D-rings.

8. Paddle Leash

A very underrated piece of equipment is the paddle leash. This will make sure your paddle stays with you no matter what happens. This can be as simple as a piece of rope you tie around your waist and to the handle of your paddle. You can also use your belt loop or even a piece of velcro. Whatever you decide on, tethering your paddle to your waist is always a great idea.

sup fishing

On the Water

Okay, you have your gear sorted, you’re ready to head onto the water and start reeling in the big one – is there anything else you need to be aware of?


First and foremost, we don’t recommend SUP fishing if you are still new to the sport. This activity requires paddlers have very good balance on their boards. After all, if you have to reel in a big fish, you’re going to want to be able to stay on the board while you do it.

So, if you’re still new – be sure to practice. Get onto the water and do some turns, walk to the front and back of our board, test your capabilities, and ultimately you will improve.

Next, do a trial run. Take your board to your preferred launch location, pump it up, load your gear, and paddle. See what it feels like to be weighed down a bit more. Also, notice how the extra weight might affect your balance. If you seem confident – practice casting! See how it is to reel in your lure/hook without snagging your board. (Side note: a fishing hook will most likely not puncture your board unless you are intentionally trying to do so. Atoll’s outer layer is thick enough to resist punctures from average-sized hooks.) The important thing is to get used to what it feels like to be in fishing mode as opposed to relaxed paddling.

Last, and most likely the most important tip we have for you – always watch your surroundings! Some of the best places to catch fish also happen to be located in hard-to-reach places where rocks, oyster beds, and other obstacles might be dangerous for you and your board. This is especially true of oyster bedhile you are not likely to pop your board paddling near these crustaceous clusters, if you do happen to be toppled overboard, the last place you want to land is on an oyster bed. Keep a wide birth around these parts and let your casting do the work for you!


Ready to give SUP fishing on your Atoll 11’ inflatable paddle board a try? We thought so. Keep these tips in mind and your trip will be a success.!

Have any questions or comments? Are we missing a useful tip you’d like us to share? Let us know! Our inbox is always open. Until next time Atoll Family – adventure on!

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    1. Hola Emma from Porter Texas! Thank you for the kind words and for following along. Do you have any specific questions you’d like us to answer about SUP? If so, let us know. Hope all is well with you and you’re spending as much time on the water as possible.

  2. Hey Atoll Boards, I am a beginner in fishing and I was badly in need to know about the fishing gears and it is so timely to read your article. Thanks for sharing.

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