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The Perfect Spring SUP Workout to Get You Ready for Paddling!

April 1, 2021

In this article we lay out the perfect spring SUP workout to get you ready for the paddling season! Use this to prepare your body for all the adventures ahead.


Good news Atoll family — Spring is just around the corner! With the change in weather comes additional time spent on the water having fun with your iSUP.

The best way to prepare yourself for the summer fun ahead is by getting back into shape. Winters can be long and the motivation to exercise can sometimes fade. That’s okay! It only means you’re human. But what it also means is that you might not be in the best shape for paddling season.

If this is the case, then you need an at-home SUP workout to prepare you for exercise under the sun. And the balance needed to maintain your stance on your SUP in any situation.

Enter the perfect workout for getting ready for spring SUP.

This workout can be utilized in a few ways. If you’re already in shape, we suggest running through the cardio, core, and balance sections multiple times. If you are in the beginning stages, run through everything just once and build from there. And for those days when you can only get a short workout in, each section can be used as its own workout by itself.

Armed with these exercises and the will to do them at least three times a week, you’ll be in the best shape of your life in no time!

Note: Exercise at your own risk. Remember to stay hydrated. Take it slow. And always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine if necessary.

Oh, and don’t forget to have fun while you take care of your body!

perfect spring SUP workout

Photo credit: @daniielllee on Instagram

Equipment needed:

Yoga mat

Light set of dumbbells 5lbs – 10lbs

Resistance bands

*For exercises that require equipment they can be modified to not use any. Still, we recommend investing in minimal equipment – after all, your health is a great investment!

Yoga to Warmup

– Hold each pose for about 10-20 seconds, remember this is just a warm-up not a full yoga class/flow

– If you need guidance on what the poses look like, a quick Google search will let you know!

1. Down Dog

2. Chair

3. Warrior One

4. Warrior Two

5. Malasana (low squat pose)

6. Boat Pose

7. Thread the Needle

8. Crescent Lunge

9. Full Wheel

Cardio SUP Workout

Beginner repeat 1x
Intermediate repeat 2x-3x
Experienced repeat 5x

– Repeat this once through, repeat as many times as necessary to get your blood flowing

1. Jumping Jacks x40

2. High knees x40 total

3. Jump Squats x20

4. Lunge Jumps x20 total

5. Burpees x10

Core SUP Workout

Beginner repeat 1x
Intermediate repeat 2x-3x
Experienced repeat 5x

-Modify the time or the reps as needed

-Start with our recommended times and reps and build from there

1. Side plank holds :20 seconds on each side

2. Leg Lifts x20

3. Bicycle crunches X25 each leg, x50 total

4. Clap pushups x20 Modify to regular pushups if needed – if you are a beginner, place knees on the floor with your hips forward and perform the pushup motion

5. Reverse crunches x15

6. Jump lunges

7. Plank hold for 1:00

8. Jack-knife sit-ups x15 Modify to regular situps if needed

9. Single leg bridges x15 on each leg x30 total

10. Flutter kicks x50 total

Balance SUP Workout

Beginner repeat 1x
Intermediate repeat 2x-3x
Experienced repeat 5x

1. Skate w/uppercut x20 total

2. Single-leg deadlift x10 each leg

3. Forward Lunges with dumbbells x20 total, 10 reps each leg

4. Backward Lunges with dumbbells x20, 10 reps each leg

5. Single leg squat and row w/band x20 total – modification includes no weight or bands, just using bodyweight

6. Side plank w/leg raises x20 total, 10 reps on each leg

7. Step up w/lateral leg raise x20 total, 10 reps on each leg


You can repeat the yoga flow or follow a simple stretching program like the one below:

1. Stretch back, swing down: with your arms overhead bend backwards with your face looking straight up, release down and touch your toes

2. Low squat and hold: Come into a low squat position with your hands at prayer center and hold

3. Neck release: Start by looking straight down, take a deep inhale and release, move your head to the right, deep inhale, and release the opposite shoulder down, repeat all the way around

4. Shoulder rolls: Deep inhale lifting your shoulders up to your ear and slowly roll them back down repeat the process by making a circular motion with your shoulders

5. Spine swing: Arms out to the side, deep inhale, and swing your arms until your right hand is forward, back to the center, and then left

6. Elvis pelvis: Hands to your hips, rotate them in a circular motion

7. Forward fold: Release your hands from your hips and bring your head straight down to the center and hold

8. Free movement: shake your arms/legs out and relax

Repeat every week until you are ready to go!


With your Atoll paddle board this SUP workout will become less strenuous over time. Use these exercises, or a variation of them at least 2-3 times per week with an ideal limit being 5. If you stay consistent, implement weights and resistance bands, and encourage the rest of your family to join you, not only will you be in the best shape of your life, but you’ll be having fun while doing so! Questions or comments about any exercise? Something unclear? Then reach out! Our inbox is always open and ready to answer any and all questions! Until next time – adventure on!

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