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Top 10 Atoll Customer Adventure Photos From Summer

June 28, 2022
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In this article we detail our top ten favorite customer submitted adventure photos from the Summer paddling season!


Every once in a while, it’s okay to look back. To remember the time well spent with family, friends, even your pets. We do this to remind ourselves that we are lucky to have the chance to participate in activities we love, see new places, and experience the world in all its beauty and fun.

With that in mind, let’s take a look back at the best customer-submitted photos spanning the globe from our Summer SUP season.

How do we judge the photos that make our list? Each one is chosen based on simple criteria:

-Does it capture the Atoll vibe?

Atoll means adventure. Diving into the world. Exploring. Travel. A rugged sense of immersing yourself in nature. Each picture listed perfectly captures this sense of being.


Maybe you found an interesting location to paddle. Or it’s relatively unknown. Or it’s just straight-up beautiful. You’re likely to make it onto our list.

-Artistic style

Sometimes we receive photos that just stand out. They’re captured in the correct light. They’re beautiful. And just a pleasure to look at.

Based on these three simple criteria, here are our top 10 customer submissions from Summer!

(Your picture didn’t make the list? No worries! It’s not a reflection on your pics – we wish we could include all of them! But if we did, you’d basically just be looking at our Instagram page haha. These are just a shout-out to some of the raddest pics from the Summer. Tag us in any photos or send them to our inbox and see if you’re featured on our Autumn list!)

Let’s get to it! Starting with number ten…

10. @karipearcecrossfit

Coming in at number 10 for adventure photos is Kari Pearce and friend. Besides the impressive landscape, the impressive board, what really makes this pic stand out are their beyond impressive physiques! And did you know…

SUP is an excellent complement to your fitness routine?

With SUP – take your workouts outside where you can connect with nature, increase your levels of natural Vitamin D, and reduce stress.

SUP works every major muscle group. From your shoulders, biceps/triceps, core, and legs – when you spend an hour paddling, you’re working out.

SUP is an excellent balance trainer. Balance training has been proven to help with brain function and memory.

And SUP is low impact – saving your joints, especially your knees, from stress and inflammation.

Of course, to get these kinds of results, you also need to take special care of your diet, sleep, and time in the gym!

9. @mcdokyle

SUP is a lot of things. But mostly it’s about FUN. And nothing says fun more than kicking back with your best friend on a Friday afternoon.

8. @austin_eea – Guam

Drone shots make for great adventure photos. Drone shots in a tropical paradise like Guam – even better. Austin found the best place and the best time to capture this amazing shot from above. Now if only we could all live in such a place!


7. @marckymovement

Stoke: being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state. This is what it looks like to be stoked every time you hit the water with you Atoll iSUP!

6. @st_ryker – Reeds Lakes Hatcher’s Pass

#Atollvibes – Nothing quiet says Atoll Paddle Boards like a mountain landscape view and an aquamarine SUP.

adventure photo

5. @more_outdoor_adventures

This is what an exceptional childhood looks like. And it’s also what it looks like when the kids steal mom’s board and she’s left only taking pics haha. But with this pic – it worked out great for us!

adventure photo

4. @wanderingz

Sometimes choosing not to hit the snooze button is a great decision. Especially when you can catch a sunset on the water!

adventure photo

3. @trd_jmokurr

A pup, an off-road vehicle, and a perfect camping spot. It doesn’t get much better than this, except when you throw an Atoll iSUP into the mix. This is the great weekend setup and the perfect picture showcase our #atollvibes.

adventure photo

2. @kaylasdayy – Flaming Gorge National Rec Area

What a view! The clear water, the mountain ranges, and all while sitting atop an Atoll iSUP. In a word: perfection.

adventure photo

1. @woodypetty – Wyoming

This adventure photo makes it to number one for two reasons. First, the background is amazing. There are very few places on planet Earth that will make your jaw drop. This is definitely one.

And second, it showcases our versatility. Not only are we a stand up paddle boarding company, but we give our customers the tools to turn your SUP into a kayak – with ease. Giving you the flexibility and the freedom to explore wherever you want, however you want.

adventure photo


We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 Atoll Customer Adventure Photos From Summer! Thank you to everyone on the list and everyone else who sends us a pic each and every day. We appreciate all of you!

Ready to make the list for Autumn? Tag us in any photos on Instagram, or send them directly to our inbox! And keep your eye on the horizon for any opportunities to keep adventuring on with your Atoll iSUP this paddling season.

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