Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Try SUP

July 9, 2021

It’s no secret – over the past ten years stand up paddle boarding has exploded around the world. From its humble beginnings in Hawaii to now an international phenomenon, SUP has grown to incorporate people from every background so that they may enjoy time on the water.

Even with this tremendous rise in popularity, there are still more people not paddling than there are.

At Atoll – we aim to change that.

If you are a seasoned veteran of the sport this article may not be for you. But for those still unsure, wondering if they should give it a shot, let us give you five reasons why you should plan your first lesson or rental – today!

1. Highly Accessible

Other sports, especially water sports like surfing and kitesurfing, have high levels of entry. That means it takes a ton of investment just to get started. To get good enough just to make it worthwhile to go you need to spend a lot of time and money on lessons, rentals, and afternoon struggle sessions. If you have the determination to do so, we applaud you! Learning how to surf or kitesurf is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.

However, most people aren’t looking to get into something as radical as these. Instead, they’d rather learn a sport that will give them the same amount of fun on the water with a quarter of the time to learn the mechanics.

Enter: SUP. Stand up paddle boarding is the perfect sport for anyone and at any time in their lives. We’re talking age ranges from 10 years old up to 80! SUP is truly accessible to all.

After just one lesson, most people are standing, paddling, and exploring their local waters from the comfortable position on their boards.

And the smiles that follow such a wonderful feeling of accomplishing a new feat are beyond measure.

If there is one thing to remember about SUP it’s this: don’t feel intimidated. Anyone can give it a try and almost everyone has fun while doing it.

If you feel like you’re not athletic enough, or young enough, drop those thoughts right now. If you are healthy, can stand up, and can move your arms, SUP is right for you.

2. Unique Standing Perspective

Compared to kayaking, which started to really rise in popularity around 1970-1980, SUP is a relative newcomer to the scene of watersports. Still, more and more people are switching to standing with each passing season.


The unique perspective.

While we too are huge fans of kayaking (and really anything that gets you on the water) what sitting down in a canoe or kayak doesn’t provide is a great view.

When you’re standing on a SUP you can look straight down into the water below. You can catch sight of fish, dolphins, plant life, and whatever mysteries the great oceans around the world hold. But not only that, you can see far into the horizon where you can spot landmarks on the shore or a distant wave you might be able to catch.

On a SUP, you can survey your entire environment, and really take it all in.

(Plus it’s a little easier on your back as well – sitting for a few hours without the option to stand can take its toll!)

3. Great Workout

SUP is a fantastic workout.

Each paddle stroke on a SUP activates your core, biceps, triceps, traps, and enhances your balance on and off the water.

On an average paddle, you can burn up to 305 to 430 calories while working up to more intense paddling sessions where you can go long distances and burn up to 1,000.

The best part?

You can control how intense or relaxed your workout is all while having fun.

4. It’s Versatile – You Can Try Different Activities

SUP is perfect for flatwater paddling – lakes, bays, marinas, even some calm rivers. But if you get tired of paddling in the same place and want to inject some adrenaline into your life, you can also take your SUP into different bodies of water or try different activities.


While you can SUP surf our Atoll 11’ boards, we recommend only doing so in empty waves no more than 1’-2’. That way you stay safe and anyone around you does as well.

However, there are plenty of SUP surfboards designed specifically to catch some gnarly waves offshore. With the added benefit of already standing while in the lineup, SUP surfing allows the novice to learn how to surf and learn how to do it quickly. With a bird’s eye view on the horizon, you can easily pick out any wave that might make for a good ride, paddle efficiently, and catch as many as you please!


SUP fishing is right up our alley. With Atoll’s legendary durability and added volume to hold the extra weight, you can pack a cooler, grab your rods, attach an anchor, and head out to your favorite fishing spot for a relaxing time casting your line under the sun.


Want to satisfy your competitive spirit, get into the best shape of your life, and push your limits? Then SUP racing is for you! Once you get past the beginning stages of SUP and hone your paddling skills, test them against some of the best! See how far and how fast you go all while shedding pounds and packing on muscle.

River SUP

Besides surfing, paddling on a river might be the second-best adrenaline-inducing activity you can try on your SUP. But unlike surfing, our Atoll 11’ boards are designed specifically for this one. Our inflatable boards are rugged enough to bounce off any obstacles and keep ongoing. Just make sure you are outfitted with our 4.6” river flex fin. There is nothing worse than hitting your fin on a rock and tumbling forward off of your board.

SUP With Your Pup

We may be a bit biased, but this one is our favorite. As you might be able to tell from our Instagram page, we’re huge fans of paddling with our pups. Our Atoll boards are durable enough to withstand even the sharpest puppy claws while giving you the extra volume to float dogs of any size and shape. It’s a great time for you, and your pup!

5. Explore

SUP is about fitness, it’s about fun, but to us, it’s also about adventure. With a paddle board you have the ability to explore areas you only were able to see from the shore. This includes lakes in National Parks, rushing rivers full of whitewater, secret coves, and hidden caves, or even the local bar that’s situated on a body of water. Wherever the exploration leads, often the best way to get there (and the most exciting way) is by pulling up on your Atoll board and checking it out.


Ready to give SUP a try? Then check out our lineup of boards that will get you on the water, having fun, and trying a new activity that will provide you with better health and even better memories. And if you still have any doubts or questions, give us a shout! We will happily answer any and all questions you may have.

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