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Top 5 SUP Accessories for the Perfect Holiday Gift (On Sale Today)

November 4, 2023

In this article, we discuss the top 5 SUP accessories that make for the perfect holiday gift!


Question: Do you have a paddle-boarding enthusiast in your family or have a friend who is big into SUP?

Follow-up question: Do you know what you’re going to give them as a gift for the holidays?

If you answered yes to the first one and no to the second, then you’re in luck!

Over the past few years, paddle boarding has completely exploded across the world. And as a result, the boards have become better, the information available on where to paddle is more mainstream, and the gear has been perfected to create the ultimate SUP experience.

And the ultimate SUP gift.

Check out this short list of the best accessories you can buy for your friend or family member who also happens to be a SUP fanatic.

If you pick any of these five pieces of gear, you’re guaranteed to win the holiday season and give your friend or family member the best gift they’ll receive all year!

5. Keep Them Safe With a Belt Pack PFD

Coming in at number five on our list of SUP accessories is the not-so-glamorous but all-too-important belt pack PFD.

At first glance, this might seem like a “boring” gift.

Trust us, it’s not!

When paddlers first begin SUP they’re often strapped down with a vest PFD that is cumbersome and uncomfortable to use.

Free their paddling arms by providing them with a belt-pack PFD instead.

Lightweight, sleek, and easy to use, a belt-pack PFD is a perfect gift to keep your paddling friend or a family member safe and comfortable on the water.

Grab one for 20% off today –>>

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4. Upgrade Their Fin for a Better Paddling Experience

A standard Atoll fin is great for a beginner to the advanced paddler who stays in relatively calm flatwater environments and paddles only for moderate distances.

But if you know someone looking to push their limits in a river or for long distances, the perfect (and often overlooked) gift is an upgraded fin.

At Atoll we have two choices…

River Flex Fin: The smallest fin in our lineup, this one is specifically designed for the adventurous river paddler ready to take on the currents of moving water. This fin is perfect for shallow water where you might bump into rocks and trees. With the added benefit of being much smaller than our other flex fin, this river fin will help you miss most obstacles in shallow river beds. And with it being flexible, if you were to bump up against anything, it will bend long before it breaks – either the fin itself or your fin box!

Check out the River Flex Fin (20% off) –>>

Racing/Touring Fin: This fin is fantastic for long-distance paddling, keeps you tracking straight, and provides a serious increase in stability.

Added bonus, because it is for a US Fin Box, both of these fins can be used in other brands of paddle boards along with your Atoll iSUP.

Give them the ultimate touring experience (20% off) –>>

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3. Give Them the Ability to Transform Their SUP into a Kayak

Our next choice for SUP accessories for the perfect gift is a combo deal.

If you could take your inflatable paddle board and turn it into a kayak, quickly and easily, and then turn it back into a paddle board just as easily, and save a ton of money by not having to purchase a separate kayak, would you?

Okay, so that sentence kind of dragged on a bit. Hopefully, you understood the sentiment.

And hopefully, you understand that – you can!

With a combination of our adaptable kayak seat and paddle adapter, you can turn any Atoll iSUP into a kayak at your convenience.

Why not give the ultimate freedom of choice with this sleek combination gift?

Gift them the ultimate form of freedom for 20% off today –>>

2. Protect Their Phone With a Geckobrands Floating Dry Bag Phone Case

Looking for an affordable gift for your second cousin’s best friend who you don’t really know but you do know they love SUP?

Then a Geckobrands Floating Dry Bag case is the choice for you! (They’re also great for someone close to you as well – but that didn’t sound as comical on the rough draft).

With a dry phone case like the ones made by Geckobrands your paddling friend can take their phone with them on the water. Take pics, check the weather, even call for help if the situation should arise, it’s always a great idea to have your phone while on an adventure.

Each case is 100% waterproof, easy to use, and will fit most cell phones.

Grab a phone case for 20% off –>>

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1. Save Their Time and Their Arms With an Outdoor Master iSUP Pump

We made it all the way to number one! And coming in at the top slot is the Outdoor Master iSUP pump.

If you’re at all familiar with inflatable paddle boards then you most likely know what it’s like to use a hand pump to inflate your board.


(dramatic music signaling certain doom)

Multiple boards!

If you’re not familiar, well, it can be tiresome. And can (sometimes) burn up your arms before you ever get on the water.

Ready to solve the greatest problem for your inflatable paddle-boarding friend? Then be the holiday hero you were born to be and grab an Outdoor Master Electric SUP Pump today and watch your friends inflate their boards at the touch of a button…

All with a smile on their face.

Be the holiday hero with a brand new SUP pump for 20% off today –>>

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Do you now have a better idea of what to buy this upcoming holiday season? We hope so!

Before you go, we’d like to pose just two bonus gifts that might help you out of a jam.

The first – a brand new Atoll iSUP! We might be biased (we’re definitely biased) but this is the ultimate gift to purchase just about anyone. To find out why, check out our article entitled “5 Reasons Why an iSUP is the Perfect Gift for the Holidays.”

And the second – a sticker pack from Atoll is the perfect stocking stuffer to represent your friend or family member’s favorite boards.

Have questions or comments? Need help deciding? Reach out! Our inbox is always open. Until next time Atoll family – adventure on!

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