What are the Health Benefits of Stand-up Paddle Boarding?

February 6, 2023
Atoll Paddler on Water in Front of Mountains

Let’s be real. You already know that stand-up paddle boarding is good for you. In fact, that’s probably at least part of why you do it. You enjoy it, it’s fun, it feels good; the list of reasons go on and on. But what would happen if someone asked you, “What are the health benefits of stand-up paddle boarding?” Would you be able to list off a whole bunch of answers, or would you pull out your phone and look them up? Well, whether you know one, none, or all of the answers, we thought it might be nice to refresh your memory. After all, even the experts forget sometimes, too! So, with all of that in mind, what are the health benefits of stand-up paddle boarding?

Stand-up Paddle Boarding is a Low-Impact Activity

First and foremost, stand-up paddle boarding is a low-impact activity. While other sports and activities can eventually cause wear and tear on our bodies, paddling is a much more comfortable, sustainable, and consistently effective experience, even as we continue to get older. Better yet, you can burn just as many calories as you would going for a run or doing other types of high-impact cardio. In the end, you’re ultimately taking better care of your body, muscles, and joints by doing something that is less stressful and less intense.

Paddling Provides a Workout for Your Entire Body

You don’t need to go to the gym in order to exercise every single muscle group. In fact, you can cover all of them while you’re out on the water! One of the best activities for simultaneously working all your different muscle groups, stand-up paddle boarding engages your arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and core stabilizers. As if that wasn’t enough, the constant balancing on your board is great for building up your strength, endurance, etc. Of course, you can also lose some weight atop a paddle board! If you’re burning all these calories, don’t be shocked if you lose a little weight along the way. 

Paddler Holding Atoll Board in Front of Water and Mountains

Your Heart Will Thank You for Paddling

As you likely already know, there is a direct correlation between physical activity and cardiovascular health. In other words, people who are physically fit are less likely to develop coronary heart disease. In short, whether you paddle or get your exercise elsewhere, your heart will thank you for it in the end. 

Paddling Can Help with Stress, Anxiety, and More

In addition to all the physical benefits, there are also several ways in which stand-up paddle boarding can help your mental health. Whether it’s clearing your head, getting some fresh air and sun, or mindfully working on your practice, paddling can help with all types of stress, anxiety, and other mental health problems. In fact, paddling can be so peaceful, that many choose to practice meditation, yoga, or even fishing while atop their paddle board. In short, whatever calms you down and brings you inner peace—exercising, meditating, fishing, or anything else—we promise that a stand-up paddle board can add a lot to the experience.

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