How should I store my board?

  • Deflate your isup by pressing the the valve pin to the down position and give it a quarter turn to the left. It will then lock in this position. Air will naturally leave the board when the valve is in deflate. Roll the board up from the nose to the tail. Once all the air has been removed place the valve in the closed or “ inflate”position, sticking up. This will prevent air from being sucked back into the board. Remove center fin. Secure your board with the belt that comes in the isup package. The deckpad should be on the inside and the fins on the outside. This preserves life of the deckpad. Boards should be stored dry. After use, especially in salt water, rinse board and paddle with fresh water. The board may be stored inflated or deflated. If inflated do NOT store in direct sunlight or extreme tempatures.